Recruiting Report: 2019 Justin McKoy


Posted On: 04/30/18 8:20 PM

One of the nicest kids that I have covered this spring is a 2019 prospect from Garner RoadJustin McKoy. McKoy stands at 6’8 and has had a productive spring thus far. He does not have the best stats on on his team but he is a valuable player for them while averaging 7.3 points per game. He is currently listed at number 17 in our 2019 North Carolina rankings. He is effective around the rim and brings good athleticism to the court. One thing that has been highly noted about him is high basketball iq. Defensively he has the ability to block shots and overall is one of the better defenders on his team with his size and athleticism.

When asked to describe his game, he answered with a very humbled response, “I take pride when people say I am versatile. I don’t like to speak of my game myself but I like to go about what other people say, and people say I am versatile, I am a stretch 4 and can play the 3 and I am just trying to work on my defense so I can guard every position on the floor, not just in the half court but full court.”

The junior is coming off a very successful high school season, “The season went great, could not have really asked for a better junior season. I took part in a leadership role and I led my team in scoring, assists and rebounding and it was just a great experience for me.”

He spoke on what he would like to accomplish this spring, “To just be the best basketball player I can and when all the tournaments we play in.”

Colleges are taking notice of  what McKoy could bring to a college program”Recruitment is going really well, I picked up some recent offers and I have been working everyday.”

Some schools are sticking out to Justin more than others, “I would say Kansas State talks to me a lot and that is one of my recent offers. Other than that, Appalachian State and George Mason are talking to me a lot as well.”

Kansas State is giving Justin a message that he likes, “They are encouraging me and just helping me to get better and trying to help me become the best basketball player I can be and to always just keep working.”

George Mason is a school that has been showing interest in Justin since his early high school career, “They started showing interest in me during my freshman and sophomore year and they have just been talking to me ever sense. They are keeping me motivated and encouraged and just want me to be the best player I can be.”

One of his newest offers is Appalachian State, “They actually recently just offered and I just got in contact with them. They are doing a job of encouraging me.”