Top Drivers from the Southern Brawl


Posted On: 04/23/18 3:44 PM

This list breaks down the top Point Guards and Wings that thrived off getting to the basket at the Prep Hoops Southern Brawl.

Elias Curry 2018 Colorado Hawks USS Wing

Curry is a skilled 6’4 Wing that looks to get to the rim with crafty moves. When you watch him he glides to the rim with ease. The ability of Curry to finish inside adds to his drive. With a couple of years at a JUCO program, Curry could be  NCAA Division II to NCAA Division I low major player. 

Ifiyah Balaga 2020 Ball 4 Life Wing

Balaga attacked the rim fearlessly from the Wing. He did a superb job of finishing around the rim. Even when the defense closed Balaga found ways to finish. He was fantastic at drawing fouls. Balaga projects to the small college level.

CJ Campbell 2020 Oklahoma Eagles Point Guard 

Campbell was super aggressive at getting to the rim. He used his quickness with the ball in his hands to blow past defenders. He projects to the small college level. 

Patrick Garrett 2019 Game Changer Hoops Wing

Garrett is learning to drive to the rack strong and finish. This weekend he threw down one of the best slams I have seen in awhile. Garrett has all the intangibles NCAA Division II programs are looking for in an immediate impact Wing. 

Jaden Jones 2021 Team Pipeline Wing 

Jones was nice off the bounce this weekend driving to the hoop. He was one of the top drivers and an even better finisher because of his long length and athleticism. Jones has a very bright future ahead of him.

Leo Mackie Jr. 2019 Next Level Point Guard 

Mackie is an undersized Point Guard that thrives off of making his way to the basket. He displayed a nice layup package. What adds to his ability to drive to the basket is a sweet floater. Mackie was a consistent force scoring the rock for Next Level.

Parker Clarida 2019 Team Unity Point Guard

Clarida got to the basket at will this weekend. The quick first step of Clarida throws his defender for a loop just long enough before they realize he is past them and in the paint. Clarida had the best weekend of any Guard at getting to the basket and finishing inside amongst the tall trees. 

Davis 2020 Victory Ministry Guard 

Davis has a good build on him at 6’2 for Victory Ministry. The strength of Davis let him drive inside strong and finish well. He has a smooth handle of the rock and can use both hands whenever needed. 

Caleb Muia 2019 Victory Ministry Wing

Muia did a great job of being aggressive towards the rim all day. He has a good first step that helped him to get an opening to attack the basket. Not only could he get to the basket, he also finished well. 

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