Posted On: 04/2/18 2:16 PM

The Class of 2020 rankings are here!  Again the state boasts a mere sprinkling of elite bigs/forwards.  Mostly the best players are wings and it appears they will dominate the 2020 recruiting in the coming years.  Bigs take longer to develop footwork and skills.  The most consistent forwards in the sophomore class are generally woefully undersized to defend college post players.  Their success at the high school level is owed to power and tenacity that likely fails against 5-8 inch taller competitors.

Keep in mind that all PrepHoops rankings are based solely on college/pro potential, so there will be high school bigs lower on the list than their high school accolades might warrant.

Of course this can all change and rankings are merely a flashpoint of speculation on who will do the most after high school.  Still, these players earned their current rankings with play on the court.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

The following list reveals the top 10 forwards in the state alongside their STATEWIDE OVERALL ranking.  The first player listed is the #1 forward, but #2 overall player in Tennessee in 2020.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#2 Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic)

The legend of Akeem Odusipe is growing.  His inclusion in an invite-only event in New York City helped BMaze Founder and Head Coach Bobby Maze meet and recruit Jaden Springer to his fledgling AAU program.  When BMaze destroys AAU staples on the UA Circuit this year remember to credit Coach Maze’s foresight and Akeem’s ridiculous upside.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#8 Andrew Williams (East Hamilton)

Andrew Williams is very high on this list because he gets off the floor quickly and by all accounts remains very coachable.  Like every sophomore in the country he needs to keep adding muscle to his impressive frame.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#16 Michael Houge (Chattanooga Christian)

Chattanooga Christian School doesn’t get the attention statewide that these other teams do.  Michael Houge floated to the top with consistent double figure scoring.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#21 Ashenefe Desta (Antioch)

Antioch’s sophomore gradually came along as the season progressed.  Both Desta and his AAU coaches believe he can make the jump to a wing scorer.   He might be better served short term as a combo forward.  Desta has several quality high school coaches on Antioch’s staff.  Furtther Ashenefe is eager to learn and improve.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#31 Johnathan Dejurnett (Lausanne Collegiate)

JD looks like a small college big right now.  He has the shoulders, budding strength, and really nice hands around the rim.  Lausanne Collegiate plays very, very fast and sometimes bigs like Dejurnett get bypassed on the expressway.  He needs more touches and more opportunities to assert his high school dominance going forward.   M33M 16u is his AAU home in 2018.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#46 B.J. Marable (Grace Christian)

Guard play escorted Grace Christian Academy to the Division II Class A Boys’ Basketball Title.  Still, Marable looks the part of a college forward.  At 6-foot-7 the tough forward will try to help the Rams advance to the state tournament again without Baylor Younker and Ryan Medders.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#47 Anthony Howard (Harding Academy)

The younger brother of high school star Luke Howard, Anthony is also very skilled and very tall.  At 6-foot-6 Anthony could mature into a wing guard or a face-up forward.  His ceiling is tantalizingly high.  Watch a few highlights of the forward.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#49 Anterrius Jefferies (Memphis Overton)

Gushing with potential Anterrius is a guy Chuck Lawson (901prepscoop) spotted first among the media.  PrepHoopsTN needs a better look at the prospect to give a detailed evaluation.  Potential is the key for sophomore bigs.  With size and promise Jefferies has a chance.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#50 Jermaine Downell (Whites Creek)

The Cobras of Whites Creek survived late season turmoil to advance to the Class AA State Tournament.  Jermaine Downell was helpful, but not integral.  His height and bounce are nice starting points.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#63 Tony Jackson (McCallie)

McCallie’s sophomore Jackson, like Downell, played limited minutes in 2017-2018.  His high school career has only just begun.  A coaching change at McCallie could alter his development.  Jackson is mobile and on the fringe of becoming a wing prospect.

Is this list no good?  Do you disagree?   Tweet @PrepHoopsTN and let your complaints known.  Share your top 2020 forwards and let the debate begin!