2nd Live Period Recap: Who Got Offers?

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/30/18 3:50 PM

The 2nd live period is in the books and more players have earned their way on to the radar of college coaches as well as earning offers. Let’s take a look at some of the players that fit into these categories as they have picked up offers and interest over the past few weeks.

Team Loaded & Bull City Prep Wing David Wingett: His stock is truly on the rise as he has picked up an offer from Memphis and has offers frim: Auburn, Towson, High Point, UTEP, LA Tech and many more.

Team Loaded 2020 Forward Isaiah Todd: The recent transfer to NC picked up an offer from Memphis as well, the five star prospect has a host of schools on him as you would expect. He can do a bit of everything on the floor and is not even close with reaching the peak of his potential, he’s a special talent for sure.

Team Wall Unsigned Senior Guard Jomaru Brown: His stock is on the rise and he has a visit scheduled for next week to Eastern Kentucky. Anytime you have a player averaging over 30 points on a team that plays the level of comp that Team Wall does, then you have to be impressed.

Team ENC 2020 Wing Reggie Raynor: After their stop in DC on the Adidas Silver bracket, he picked up his first scholarship offer to Coppin State University. Raynor has continued to progress and can be a nice prospect if he continues to work and polish his game, he’s one to keep an eye on.

Detroit Spartans Unsigned Senior Guard Anthony Roberts: It has been almost a routine with Anthony Roberts getting offers, the latest is Eastern Kentucky. Roberts is a scoring machine that should come into MM programs and make an impact very early on, he plays the game with intensity and has a strong desire to win.

BMaze Elite 2019 Wing Drew Pember: Drew’s stock has been on the rise and he recently picked up an offer from Mercer to add on to the two offers he received after the first live period. He’s not a finished product but has a nice amount of height, skill and upside, so D1’s should be stopping in to see him.