2021 two-way G Justus Wilburn is the future of Gainesville High


Posted On: 04/21/18 4:30 PM

The future of the Gainesville Hurricanes looks pretty bright with a guy like Justus Wilburn coming through the ranks.

Just a rising sophomore, Wilburn appeared as one of the best two-way players on the Florida Splash Elite AAU squad during the Stampede Shootout. He can step out and hit the three, or take it coast-to-coast for a finish-with-contact.

But defensively is where he made his name.

Wilburn is going to rattle a lot of ball-handlers, this summer. He know how to force jump-balls without fouling, at all. Hard thing to do. When guarding the ball, he’s just plain aggravating. Wilburn doesn’t let you breathe, comfortably.

“I just feel like I always need to ‘get in you’ on defense,” Wilburn said. “I need to keep that intensity high for the rest of the team.”

Wilburn believes if he goes has hard as he can on the defensive side of the ball, then his teammates will go as hard as THEY can. He didn’t outright say this, but you can tell by speaking with him that he wants to lead—regardless of age or class.

Other areas he’s been working on include ball-handling (he’s one of two players on Splash that predominantly bring the ball, up-court). Improving his quickness is high on the list, as well.

Although, his effect on the squad has been clearly illustrated. Wilburn’s a scorer. With a great deal of intensity.

When asked what he’d like to take away from this summer’s AAU experience, he was excited for the opportunity to go against those who are older, stronger, faster, than him. He wants all the challenges, possible.

It’ll only make him better, in the end.

“When next year comes, and I’m on varsity,” Wilburn began on the topic of higher competition, “I’ll already be use to it.”