2020 Univ. Christian F L.J. Hancock talks skill-growth, defending 1-5, & more


Posted On: 04/18/18 8:00 AM

University Christian junior Lenzy Hancock Jr. has definitely improved since I first met him as a rising freshman.

Back then, his game was ultra-limited. He wasn’t a threat in the paint, despite being around 6’5”-6’6”. He couldn’t hit jumpers from the outside. L.J. wasn’t scaring you defensively.

At the Thunderstruck Invitational, L.J. definitely made his presence felt in a way that I had not seen. For his Jacksonville Magic, he was someone you HAD to pay attention to.

His three-point ability has gotten better, especially from the corners. When ball-handlers attempt to drive through the paint, he meets them with resistance. If L.J. somehow got beat off the dribble-drive, he’d be right behind them to earn a blocked shot without fouling.

When asked what one of his biggest focuses for the summer were, “lateral quickness” was atop the list. He’s been involved with a few drills that have served him well in building that area.

“I’ve been working on different close-out drills for on-ball defense, different drills with friends to get faster,” L.J. said. “That helps out a lot. I can guard 1-5.”

During that Invitational, he proved that.

Other than overall quickness, L.J. has to become a better scorer in the midrange-area to bring his game, full-circle. He had his flashes where the jumper would fall, but now it’s about scoring-when-open from that 10-15 foot area. There where times where opponents wouldn’t even close out, betting on the miss.

Now, as he approaches the second half of his high school career, L.J. understands how imperative it is that this facet of his game comes, especially before this October.

If it does, look out. L.J. will be on more radars than you think.