2020 Top SF’s


Posted On: 04/10/18 2:21 PM

State tournament has finished up and we’re transitioning into the grassroots portion of the year. It’s time to take an in-depth at the 2020 class as it’s one of the deepest classes we have in the state and the small forward position is what may be most overlooked. Prep Hoops breaks down the position by rank and states what these players showcased in their previous season.



1)    Jalen Page-Fairview-Overall Class Rank #8


Fairview has a bright future ahead of them and Jalen is their brightest spot. He put up 14.8 points a game along with 1.5 assists, 5.5 rebounds, 1.7 steals and just over a block a game. What stood out was his leadership as he showcased his leadership not only with being vocal, but also with his play game in and game out. Fairview went 17-8 on the year and 11-1 in league play and while they progressed, Jalen progressed. This summer he’ll be playing for the Colorado Titians and looking to step his game up even more so that he’s ready for an even bigger season.



2)    Moises Cabral-Parkhill Christian- Overall Class Rank #11


Living in Pueblo makes it hard for the average local high basketball fan to actually see Moises play. Add in the fact that he’s not on one of the top teams and the chances of watching him play is even less, but, he had himself a great sophomore season. In his second year, he proved doubters wrong as he put up 17.8 points, 2.6 assists and 3.6 steals a game but also showcased he is active on the boards as well with 3.9 rebounds a game. These next two years he’ll have to elevate his game as well as put up some numbers during grassroots season to make a name for himself.



3)    Javonte Johnson-Cheyenne Mountain- Overall Class Rank #15


Javonte is one of those players that makes ranking players by positions hard to do with him being able to play 1-4 effectively on any given night.  Simply put, the kid can do it all and although his team didn’t have a stellar season in a strong league this year, they gained experience and know what it takes to succeed next season. As for Javonte, grassroots season is where we will see how far he’s come and how he’ll blend in after having to carry the load in his sophomore season.



4)    Christian Speller-Rangeview-Overall Class Rank #16

When you look at Christian you see size, but he showcases so much more. He’s a complete player on a very loaded Raiders squad that the team calls on both offensively and defensively. At 6’3, 188 pounds, he has a very mature body for his age and he has the ability to battle down low the bigs, but also defend guards on the perimeter. He displayed his versatility in the Raiders 22 games this season and averaged 7.8 points, 1.4 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 1.5 steals a game. His numbers don’t show how much the team relied on him, but with seniors Devin Collins and Ryan Ongala leaving for college, the load gets a lot heavier next season.


5)    Imani Grigsby-Sierra- Overall Class Rank #21


Imani is a player that adapts and adjusts his game often. He can fit in to any offense and his skill set isn’t just limited to just one or two great things, the kid does it all. He’s a patient player that takes what the defense gives him and uses it to his advantage. He scores, rebounds, distributes and defends well and is a glue guy that balances the team. Last year he was the second leading scorer on the team at 13.4 points a game and it was all in the paint that he did his work. He will have to work on his outside shooting as he only knocked down six 3-pointers on the year, but he’s an undersized big man that plays larger than what he is.