2020 Top PG’s


Posted On: 04/2/18 2:24 PM

With the state tournament just ending, it’s time to take an in-depth look at what the future brings and here we have the 2020 class. The 2020 class is easily one of the deepest classes we have in the state and the point guard position is a reason it is so strong. Prep Hoops breaks down the position by rank and states what these players showcased in their previous season.
1) Kobe Sanders- Chaparral- Overall Class Rank #1

Sanders is a special prospect in this class and the top overall guard as he possesses the whole package. He can shoot, dribble, control the game and defend at an exceptional level and this helps his team immensely. Last season, he averaged 11.7 points, 3.7 assists and 1.5 steals a game as his Wolverines had an impressive season, but fell in the Great 8 to eventual state champs, Grandview. He led his team to a 21-5 record and brought them back to being a top-5 team in the state. His scoring was one thing that stood out this year as he can open up the game in multiple ways. He can get to the basket and finish amongst the big men, but his ability to also knock down shots is what makes him such a tough player to defend. He shot an efficient 45% from beyond the arc while also being able to dominate the game with the ball in his hands. He already has had a great season and has an incredibly high ceiling already, so come senior year, Kobe has the ability to be the top player in the state.



2) Ty Foster-Lincoln-Overall Class Rank #4

It has been argued that Ty Foster could very well be the best sophomore in the state of Colorado when you look at his complete game and he’s been given the keys early to get the school back in the spotlight for basketball. He’s been getting it done going back to last year and at 12.4 points per game (2nd on the team) with 4.3 assist, 3.5 rebounds and 2 steals a game to go along with it, it’s hard to not see him amongst the top. Ty’s pace makes it difficult for teams to keep up with him as he makes the team have to adjust on the fly. He’s also one of most athletic young players in the state as he’s able to use is size to go over smaller defenders or quickness to go around them. If he improves on his shooting he could become one of the states all around best players and the best part is — he still has time to do it. Although the Lancers didn’t have the season they expected as they went 11-13 on the season and 5-3 in league play, they know, they have a special player in Foster that they’ll make sure they’ll right the ship before senior year.




3) Sebastian Cole-Cherry Creek-Overall Class Rank #12


Sebastian managed to stand out on a very balanced Bruins team due to his vision and high basketball I.Q. He didn’t get to see a lot of varsity playing time last season, but that time off gave him plenty of time to observe and get a feel of what’s to come and areas of improvement now that grassroots season is here. The pure point guard came into the season improved and ready to put carry more of the responsibilities for the team. He put up 8.2 points,1.8 assists, 1.6 rebounds and 1.2 steal a game. Sebastian is a student of the game and will only keep growing. Excited to see his game grow and evolve for the next 2 years especially as he starts to get the keys to the offense next season.



4) Darius Hornbuckle-Thomas Jefferson-Overall Class Rank #13
Darius came into TJ and is already arguably their best all-around player. He gets it done on the offensive end and has been the main culprit for their huge turn around season. Although it didn’t end the way they would have like it to, the future does look promising. Darius is a sophomore transfer that came into a new situation and made the best of it in his first year on varsity. He ended the season at 15.3 points, 1.2 assist and 2.4 rebounds and a game while shooting an impressive 44% from the field and also averages a steal a game as well. His Spartans ended the year 12-12 on the season after a great 7-4 start going into Holiday Break so they have what it takes to succeed, just have to maintain it. Darius will only get bigger and stronger which will make him an even better player as he has all of the small intangibles that make him a great player, now he just has to put them all together and grow in the column that matters the most, the win column. Great player with a bright future.




5) Cameron Le Van-Legend-Overall Class Rank #18
Cam is one of the most underrated players out of the group and I’m honestly unsure how. The team goes as he goes as he fit in perfectly in Legend’s system. The sophomore captain has played and started in every varsity game which makes him an ironman of some sorts and his play has stood out just as much as his toughness. He’s an all-out hustle player whose effort usually leads to defensive stops and big runs. When one of your best players have a nonstop motor, it becomes contagious and usually gives the team an advantage and at the very least puts them in the right position to win. At 9.2 points, three assists and two rebounds a game, he becomes as balanced of a guard that there is and his defensive presence has only translated to more offensive opportunities. He has an attack first mentality on both ends of the court and is a young leader in only his 2nd year. Legend will be a force to be reckoned with come senior year and Cam will be the reason.