2020 Jax Magic G Trevon Hayward talks being pass-first, HS goals, & more


Posted On: 04/17/18 5:46 AM

2020 Jacksonville Magic AAU point guard Trevon Hayward values the pass more than any other part of the game.

It was evident after watching him torch the defense in a game at the Thunderstruck Invitational, earlier this month. His eyes were wide, and Hayward only had sights set on making his squad, better.

“I like to get my teammates involved, first,” Hayward said. “Then, I’ll get my points.”

The Impact Christian Academy junior took his opportunities to drive through the lane and finish strong. Yet, it was his cross-court passes and last-second dishes that helped influence a win, down the stretch.

Hayward does it on the defensive end, as well. Never gets beat, and skies for the rebound no matter who it’s up against.

Although, Hayward’s totally aware of what he needs to work on.

Becoming a consistent shooter is a goal for EVERY hooper, in some way. But not everyone strives to lead.

Hayward is not “everyone”.

“This AAU season gives me the opportunity to be a real point guard, learn the plays, make sure everybody’s in the right places, and be a hopeful leader to the team,” Hayward said. “Next year, when I’m a junior, I want to be a real captain & lead (Impact Christian) to a great place.”

For the summer, Hayward is using these travel opportunities as a time to hone those skills. He said he loves being part of the Jax Magic program because they constantly push him to stay in-shape.

Another area that the summer helps him grow? Toughness.

“You’re consistently playing against great competition, so I’ll get better,” Hayward said of his summer matchups. “Then, I’ll come back to (Impact) and try even harder.”