2020 F Micah Hubbard Is Next Up For Bronson High


Posted On: 04/30/18 8:22 PM

Rising junior Micah Hubbard is a threat no matter what side of the ball he’s on. I can already tell this is going to be a guy that Bronson High leans on for the next two seasons.

On defense, he’s a flyer—constantly moving his body on defense, whether it be on-ball, or help-side. If someone tries to drive, he’s great at keeping his hands up without falling and timing his blocks. He said he’s always thinking about the right angle to attack.

Offensively, his bread and butter comes from the 12-17 foot range, and he’s pretty aggressive about getting putbacks in the lane. Hubbard is great at following shots and giving his team second-chance points opportunities.

He’s aware of the weaknesses in his game, and is dedicating his summer stint with Florida Splash Elite to work on them. Ball-handling usually is a major thing hoopers tend to focus on during this time of year. Although, Hubbard wants to become one of the top IQ guys on his squad by the time October rolls around.

Thinking about his role on his high school Eagles team, Hubbard said the coaching staff expects the D, the rim-protection, but next season he expects to be called upon to become a much more active defensive rebounder.

When asked where he wants his game to be six months from now, after a summer of grooming, he aimed high.

“I’m aiming for it to be top notch, Hubbard said. “The absolute best it can be.”