2020 F Jamir Harris talks defensive mindset & future at Santa Fe HS


Posted On: 04/21/18 11:00 PM

Santa Fe High School has a guy in Jamir Harris that could become a terror in the post for the next two years.

This rising junior has been explosive in-the-paint for Florida Splash Elite, thus far. Whether finding shooters around the perimeter and passing out-of-the paint, or giving the defender a move or two to shake free and create his own shot, Harris knows how to make himself effective from that area.

In-transition, he can put it on the floor and score at the cup, possesses a nice hop-step that throws some off-guard, and rotates quickly when playing any zone defense.

And don’t try to meet him at the rim if you’re on offense. He can stuff you.

“I’m just trying to be big, get these blocks & rebounds, and finish,” Harris said of his game, simply.

He said he doesn’t want to be a player that shows that he’s given up on a play. Off any turnovers, Harris sprints back on defense whether it was his turnover or not. As far as his cardio goes, Harris is doing what he must to build his endurance. He’s also been developing an outside jumper and working on becoming even better at boxing-out.

That’s a physical part of the game, right there—and Harris has his moments where he takes defense personally.

“It depends. If they’re talking trash, then yes, I do,” Harris said with a smirk.

This summer will be key for him, knowing that he’s going to come back to Santa Fe in October with a more expanded role. He wants to be prepared.

But regardless, he feels that his Raiders left this past season with a hopeful mindset for the future.

“We just need to pick up where we left off at,” Harris said confidently. “We need to focus on getting better, and keep working hard everyday.”