2020 West Nassau wing Shemar Melton talks passion, leadership, & more


Posted On: 04/17/18 10:00 PM

Shemar Melton needs to be on people’s radar due to his pure energy, alone. Skills can be taught, but his effort can’t be overlooked.

During a recent Jax Magic AAU matchup against the Gainesville-Kingsman AAU, the 2020 wing out of West Nassau High did it all for his Jacksonville Magic.

Whether it be flying around the court, covering one through five on defense, or attacking the glass for offensive putbacks, everything he did consisted of one thing: tenacity.

“I just have passion for the game, a hard-work ethic. I don’t come on the court to play around or goof around,” Melton said seriously.

He is great at timing blocks at the rim and deflections in-transition. When asked who inspires his mindset, he leaned towards Portland’s point, Damian Lillard.

He respects Lillard for his leadership and “never-quit” attitude. The more he adapted this type of thinking as a youngin’ growing up, the more it became a true part of his identity.

“Ever since I’ve been raised, I’ve been raised to be a leader,” Melton said. “I like people knowing me as that type of person, and a player.”

Even with his strong motor, he’s aware that there’s areas of his game that need to be worked on. Overall, he wants to put his Magic and West Nassau squad in better positions to win, down the stretch. Whether it be by way of scoring, defending, or just making the right decisions at the right times, Melton aims to grow in that arena.

Though his work ethic is above most at his age, Melton said that he continuously works on growing himself in that area out of fear of becoming lazy.

After seeing him play, I doubt he’ll ever struggle with that.