Posted On: 04/12/18 9:30 AM

Now that the class of 2019 has completed their junior seasons, they are about to embark on the biggest spring and summer of their lives as they get ready to hit the AAU circuit for the final time. The shooting guard group is really strong in the 2019 class. Our top two shooting guard prospects already hold Division 1 offers and there are others who could see offers come their way soon. Here’s a look at the top 5 shooting guards in the updated rankings.

Dontaie Allen, Pendleton County – Allen is probably the most valuable player to their team in the state of Kentucky. On any given night he is responsible for 75% or more of the team’s offensive output via either scoring or assisting. Dontaie also ranked near the top of the state in rebounds per game and field goal percentage. There is a case to be made that Allen should be the top ranked player overall in the class. For now, he will have to settle for being the top ranked shooting guard.

TreVon Smith, Taylor County – Allen’s AAU teammate this year, TreVon Smith is one of the more electric scorers in the class when he’s on. Smith is a smooth lefty combo guard who could just as easily been on the point guard list. Smith’s scoring ability and struggles against pressure defenses trends towards being a shooting guard or combo guard at least when he gets to college. TreVon could easily move over to the point guard spot as his college career progresses.

Connor Guthrie, Mayfield – One of the best guards in western Kentucky, Guthrie saw his shooting percentages dip over the course of his Junior season. Connor did increase his scoring output and overall impact on the game with solid play and on court leadership. Guthrie is a D2 or NAIA caliber of player now but could see his stock rise to the D1 level with a solid spring and summer of AAU.

JJ Ramey, South Laurel – One of the best players in Kentucky that no one talks about, Ramey is likely the best returning player in the 13th region. JJ is a really good leaper who can finish above the rim. Ramey also shoots the cover off the ball. Ramey shot 54% from the field and 49% from 3. Ramey could be a division one player if got more exposure and played in front of the right people.

Bryce Long, Scott County – The 3rd member of the Big Three at Scott County this season, Long is a shooter that has seen his numbers and shooting percentages dip as his high school career has gone along. Bryce needs to become more of a slasher after only attempting 48 free throws in 38 games this season. If he would attack the rim, he would see more open looks from the perimeter than he gets now.


Other Names to Know:

Makhi McGuire, Newport

Cameron Wilson, Valley

Kyle Stivers, Franklin County

Reese Tolley, Butler

Jackson Harlan, Clinton County