Posted On: 04/7/18 7:49 PM

Jalen Wilson has taken it upon himself to without a doubt prove why he is the best player at the Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff. The 2019 guard has led his talented YGC36 to a perfect record so far with one great performance after another.

Wilson is currently ranked #41 in Prep Hoops national rankings. He is a 6’8 small forward who’s game is as polished as you will find for someone his age. Prototype NBA wings do not grow on trees and Wilson has given the Route 66 audience a treat every time he touches the floor.

His jumper is smooth and effortless and he has the rare touch to be able to shoot from 25’ft but also to be able to hit from the high post as well. Just when you think his game is all finesse, he snatches an offensive rebound from the opponent and finishes through contact.

With those skills and star power, there was a certain level of buzz around the Solid Rock facility when YGC36 took the court. Saturday morning numerous members of the audience were asking who was the highly ranked prospect who is talked about so much.

Wilson began the day with a tremendous performance against Pro Skills OK where he dominated particularly from three which helped open up the game. He then decided to score in different ways in their second game so he gave the defense headaches from the high post and below.

In his final game of the day, Wilson decided to show his full offensive¬†repertoire. He scored in every way and he did it in an efficient style of play. At 6’8, there was nothing guards could do to effect his release. The Oklahoma Impact gave a great effort but like many teams, Wilson was just a matchup you could not account for.

Wilson did not come to the Route 66 Kickoff to just bond his teammates and hoop. You can tell Wilson came to prove his high ranking status as the best player in the event and to win a championship.