2019 Casey Morsell Commits to Virginia

High School

Posted On: 04/4/18 6:52 PM

Tony Bennett and his staff received great news Wednesday night when they received a verbal commit from 2019 shooting guard Casey Morsell of St. John’s. Morsell is a strong guard standing at 6’2 and has the ability to score the ball at all three levels. He is a very good athlete and will bring fantastic defensive tactics to Charlottesville.

Morsell broke down why he chose Virginia, “They wanted me the most out of all the schools that recruited me. They called me almost daily and they just did a lot of recruiting. We had a fall workout and the entire coaching staff showed up so it was just stuff like that. I had a blast on my visit, it was great all around. I went to the game when they played NC State and it was a blast, great atmosphere. Coach Bennett really cares about his players, he invites them over to his house. Another big thing too is, all of his players develop throughout the years and that is something that I want to be part of.”

When asked what Virginia fans can expect out of him while on the court he said, “They can definitely expect versatility and excitement. I want to bring joy and wins to the program so we can get to that next level. UVA is very successful but they have not taken that next step like a final four or championship step so I want to do what I can to help make that next step happen.”

If he accomplishes what he has planned, he believes he can help UVA take that next step, “I think Virginia has everything to take that next step but I really think I can bring versatility to both offense and defense, athleticism and just be that guy that takes defenders one on one and do whatever they need to win.

The staff will most likely use Morsell like they did with former Cavalier Malcolm Brogdon and current player Kyle Guy, “On my visit it was crazy because he actually showed me my film and then Malcolm Brogdon’s and Kyle Guy’s film and it would be me doing the exact same thing as them. We are obviously all different players but we do similar things.”

With this big decision out of the way for Casey, he wants to improve on some things before he gets to Virginia, “I definitely want my ball handling to get tighter, my jump shot can get more consistent and I just think all aspects can get better. Defense too obviously, UVA is real big on defense. My footwork too, staying low and plus working with Team Takeover, they keep me forming good habits while working out with them so just everything.”