2018 Prep Hoops Southern Brawl: Top Shooters from the AM session Day 2


Posted On: 04/21/18 3:52 PM

Shooting can be the key difference between wins and losses and today at the Prep Hoops Southern Brawl there were plenty of guys who can knock it down from three.

Here are some of the top shooters so far:

Stephon Hall 2018 OK Respect 

Hall is one of the most improved shooters in the last year. He went from streaky to consistent. From flat to pure. His shot has become one motion and you truly believe all of his shots are going in.

His jump shot alone has risen his stock and those skills were on display this morning as he lit it up.

Hall didn’t miss for the majority of the game from deep and they all were nothing but net. He took a few heat checks which messed but his percentage but how can you blame him.

This 2018 sniper will put a ton of pressure on defenses this weekend.

Dyson Plumley 2019 OK Respect

Plumley seemed to be on a different gear than everyone else this morning. Scoring with ease and creating havoc for the opposition. He scored in transition and also in the half court while finishing through contact.

His shooting off the dribble was the most impressive skill he put on display. At 6’3, there was nothing his smaller defender could do but hope.

Unfortunately, for him Plumley was consistent all morning. He is a natural scorer who can fill it up with the best of them this weekend. If he continues to feel it offensively, he stock and the OK Respect will continue to rise.

Javon Reliford 2018 Heat Elite

Reliford splashed on the scene with four threes in the first half. Defenders chasing and closing out did no good when Reliford decided to let it fly. It did not matter how far he was behind the line, the 2018 guard had confidence in his ability to hit shots.

The Game Changers were on a furious comeback and Reliford was one of the main reasons that the Heat Elite went into halftime with a small lead.

He did a good job of not hunting his shots and alienating his teammates. Instead, he got his in the flow of the game which resulted in positive results. Reliford is definitely a player to keep your eyes on this weekend.

Cevin Clark 2019 Heat Elite

Clark did a good job of showing off his offensive game against the Game Changers. At first he hit some shots off of different sets which are key for the good shooters out there.

Clark got a baseline out of bounds play called for him which tells you his coach has confidence in his jumper. The 2019 guard came off a stagger screen and knocked it down while a defender was on his trail. To be a college level shooter you have to be able to hit those shots consistently.

He even later showed his ability to use his shooting ability to get to the rim. With one pump fake, Clark got his defender in the air and he was able to get to the rim and even finished an and-1 layup.

Rylan McDaniel 2019 Game Changers

McDaniel was solid in the first half but nothing to his potential. His team trailed at halftime and a majority of the game but the 2019 combo guard took over and it started with his jump shot.

He is very skilled at reading pick-n-roll situations more than most players his age. McDaniel  fed off of the screen and when the defender made a mistake he capitalized. He hit two big threes in the most crucial times of the game which allowed the Game Changers to take the lead.

McDaniel is more of a scorer than shooter but he showed this morning that he can hit the open shots from distance when the defense loses him.

The Game Changers will rely on McDaniel to continue performances like this throughout the weekend.