2018 PH Southern Brawl: Stock Risers from Day 2 from Brandon Willis


Posted On: 04/21/18 7:34 PM

With a competitive Day 2 of the Prep Hoops Southern Brawl, here are some players who rose to the occasion and helped their stock rise.

Cameron Jones 2018 Team Pipeline

Jones is an athletic senior who is built like a college shooting guard. At 6’4, Jones used his premium size to get to the rim and make plays with a defender hanging on him.

His momentum grew throughout the day as his shot began to catch up with his open floor abilities.

Jones was a nightmare all day for defenders who were usually smaller and they could not handle his physicality. Later in the day, he was crucial in a victory over Playmakers Express.

Jones scored six points in a row to open the game up and it basically was the dagger to seal the victory for Pipeline. He is a college level athlete with his size alone but his ability to score in the open floor is attractive at the next level.

Jaxon Jones 2020 OK Playmakers Express

Jones is a lights out shooter who had another day at the office on Saturday. The 2020 guard has a quick release and it was on full display. Rather it was in transition or in the half court, Jones found the open lanes to get his shot off.

Even Jones missed shots looked on target. His shoulders were aligned with the rim on every attempt and had to continue to adapt as the defenders attach themselves to him so he would not rain down any more threes.

Jones is only 6’ft tall but he is an intriguing prospect because he still has time to get better in every area.

Miles Slater 2019 Game Changers Blue

Slater is a combo guard who has a pure lefty stroke which he used to increase his stock on Day 2. Slater is on a team with elite shooters but Slater is not far behind.

He has a consistent stroke and he used the threat of his jumper as an opportunity to show off his playmaking ability in the lane.

The Deer Creek guard did a great job of finding his shooters whenever he beat the primary defender. Slater also showed his ability to get things done on the defensive end.

He was in the passing lanes and used his quick feet to cut off driving lanes.

Slater’s stock will continue to rise throughout the summer as he begins to get more exposure.

Deonte Carroll 2019 Marcus Denmon Select

Carroll is another impressive physical specimen at the guard position. He is 6’3 with a compact body which allows him to shed guards and finish through undersized big men.

He did a good job in transition of using his physical gifts to punish the defenders for their mistakes.

Carroll showed the ability to shoot the ball including a nice midrange jumper which looked fluid.

Carroll is a college prospect who has done a good job of taking on the role as the scorer on his team which has led to some success for him and his team.

Jaden Jones 2021 Team Pipeline

Jones is a prospect you rarely see play the guard position so young. He is a 6’7 combo guard who has a mature game already. He was pulling from a couple of steps behind the three and hitting.

He was a mismatch in every game he walked into.

With his elite size, Jones was tough to stop around the rim as well.

It was impressive how he handled pressure from smaller guards who tried to get under him. Jones played with poise beyond his years and found a way to get by them and into the painted area.

Jones has the potential to be a prospect we hear about a couple years from now who is dominating and headed to a good basketball program at the next level. He just needs to continue the work.

Dyson Plumley 2019 OK Respect

Plumley had a productive day offensively. In every game he drew the best defender from the other team and he found a way to get what he wanted. His combonation of length and quickness was unstoppable on Day 2.

OK Respect played some good competition and they came out with some quality wins. Everyone did their part but Plumley was one of the factors athletically that the other team did not have an answer.

The 2019 guard’s stock is on the rise and it will be interesting what type of performance he will put on Championship Sunday.