2018 PH Southern Brawl Stock Riser: 2019 Moun’tae Edmundson Jr.


Posted On: 04/22/18 3:41 PM


Moun’tae Edmundson Jr. has played lights out basketball this entire weekend but he specifically stood out on Championship Sunday.

It is only right that a true competitor brings out his best on Day 3. Edmundson is what you look for in a low maintenance point guard who doesn’t need to dominate the basketball to be productive.

The 5’9 guard excels on the defensive end of the floor as well. He uses his elite quickness to disrupt the rhythm of his opposition. You can tell Edmundson takes great pride in his skills defensively.

Whenever a guard is labeled with having the ability to lock up on defense we begin to believe that they don’t have the offense to compliment. That is not the case with this 2019 point guard.

The Game Changers Blue are filled with players who can shoot the ball at a high level. However, Edmundson stood out as he hit 5 threes in their first game of the day. He could not miss in the first half which was a key part of his team walking into halftime with a big lead.

His stroke is compact and a carbon copy of each other no matter the situation. His teammates did a good job of finding him in transition or in the half court.

His small stature did not stop Edmundson from getting into the painted area as well. Although, he had to adjust to finishing over size he did a good job of using floaters and reverse layups to convert.

Miles Slater, Jett Sternberger, and Edmundson make a terrific trio of undersized guards who can score and shoot the ball from deep.

They all compliment each other well but Edmundson is the soul of the team. Always talking and giving guys encouragement. He also did not mind talking to the opponent when he is locking them up on defense.

Edmundson rose his stock off of his intangibles alone but when you add production with that you have something special.