Top 15 2018 Forwards

Posted On: 04/8/18 4:31 PM

The 2018 group has a lot of skilled forwards. In fact, 15 of the top 35 players in this class are a SF or a PF. In addition, in the top 10, skilled forwards like Timmy AllenQuentin GulifordJaxson BakerNikc JacksonTrey Wood, and KJ Hymes have already committed to playing NCAA Division-I basketball.

2018 Final Rankings: High Upside Forwards to Watch

#12 Wesley Harris 6’6 SF/PF Desert Vista

Harris is one of the best athletes in this class. Further, he has good length and has improved his ability to play on the perimeter. With that said, he is far from his peak. As he continues to improve his ability to shoot it from deep, the more intriguing his length and athleticism become. Harris is a college caliber player who will turn some heads while playing with the Compton Magic Select team.

#15 Bryce Davis 6’8 PF Deer Valley

Davis had a huge year this past season for Deer Valley. He is in the best shape that he has been in during his high school experience and it paid huge dividends. Davis is able to score the basketball in a lot of ways. In conjunction, he has a soft touch around the rim and solid footwork on the block. With that said, he is most comfortable catching at the high post and squaring up. He is a capable mid-range shooter who has a couple of strong rip through moves in his arsenal. Davis is a diamond in the rough at this point.

#18 Immanuel Allen 6’5 SF Shadow Mountain

Allen is a strong athlete who does a lot of the little things to help his team be successful. At 6’5 with a good vertical and lateral movement, Allen is an intriguing prospect. With that said, he will need to continue to improve his ability to shoot the basketball from deep and play on the perimeter in order to maximize his effectiveness at the next level. He has plenty of skill and ability. It will be intriguing to see which program gives Allen a shot.

#35 Cedric Bridges 6’5 PF Westview

Bridges is another player who needs to make the leap to being a true small forward in order to maximize his potential. With that said, he is strong and one of the best athletes in this class. Moreover, he is extremely aggressive and plays with a cheap on his shoulder. Bridges still has work to do in order to play a meaningful role at the next level. With that said, he has a lot of tools that make him an interesting prospect that a coach should take a chance on.

#28 Meekness Payne 6’7 PF Hillcrest

Payne has received a couple of JUCO offers as of late. He is more comfortable as a back to the basket big or a big that catches lobs in the dunker spot. With that said, he has improved his mid-range jumper. Moreover, he is a good athlete who is worth college coaches investing into. As Payne continues to expand his game and add more versatility to his skill set, his stock will take off.

2018 Final Rankings: Other Top Forwards

#1 Timmy Allen 6’6 SF Red Mountain (Utah)Timmy Allen 2018

#5 Kyle Fischer 6’5 SF Sunnyslope

#6 Quentin Guliford 6’5 SF Liberty (Montana State)

#7 Jaxson Baker 6’8 SF Brophy (Central Arkansas)

#8 Trey Wood 6’8 SF/PF Anthem Prep (Portland State)

#9 Nikc Jackson 6’8 PF Rancho Solano (Air Force)

#10 KJ Hymes 6’10 PF Hillcrest (Nevada)

#17 Christian Angiwe 6’8 PF Desert Vista


#21 Ajang Aguek 6’7 SF Ironwood

#22 Jok Jok 6’7 SF Moon Valley