2018 Final Rankings: Class Breakdown


Posted On: 04/6/18 2:05 PM

With the releasing of our final 2018 rankings, here is a breakdown of the classification. This class has a number of strengths and some weaknesses in terms of recruit-ability at the next level.

2018 Class Breakdown: Strengths

Strength #1: Size

This group is as long of a group as we have seen in Arizona basketball. In fact, in the 8 of the top 10 prospects are 6’4 or taller. The size that this group has makes them extremely versatile with prospects like Timmy AllenBoth GachDwayne WalkerKyle Fischer, and Quentin Guliford. While these longer shooing guards and small forwards appear in the top 10, it doesn’t end there. In the early 20s, prospects like Jok Jok and Ajang Aguek are quite intriguing 6’7 SF prospects.

Strength #2: Versatility and Upside

As mentioned previously, size is a huge plus in this group. Due to the length of this group, it affords a number of these players opportunities to play multiple positions on the floor. Jaxson Baker was a handful for opponents this season due to his ability to play so many different spots for Brophy. Further, Trey Wood is a long and athletic prospect who has Portland State extremely excited about his upside and ability to play an array of positions.

Strength #3: Depth

While this class does not feature the top tier guards that were apart of the 2017 class, this class has even more depth. At this point, there are already 10 prospects who have committed to playing at the NCAA Division-I level. In addition, there are 70+ prospects who have received serious college interest.

In addition, there are a number of skilled point guards who can play at the next level, even if it isn’t Division-I, who are available. Some of the top point guards still on the table include: Tashon BrownJosh JohnsonMark HatchDJ McNealJordan Green, and Dominic Mooney.

2018 Class Breakdown: Weaknesses

Weakness #1: High End Point Guards

There are a lot of point guards in this classification who are capable of playing college. However, there is only one PG who has committed to play at the NCAA Division-I level. Further, the majority of the point guards are not receiving NCAA Division-I interest. Sam Beskind is the only point guard who has committed to playing at the NCAA Division-I level as he recently committed to walk on at Stanford.

Weakness #2: Centers

While this class has a lot of versatile prospects who can play multiple positions, there are only a few prospects who are centers. Fortunately, the game has moved more toward players who can do many different things and play at different spots. However, any program looking for a traditional pick and roll or back to the basket big won’t have much luck in AZ this year. Further, of the centers who are on this list, Ethan Hamilton has committed to Glendale Community College and Jared Perry has committed to Adams State.

2108 Final Rankings: Top 5

Timmy Allen 6’6 SF Red Mountain (Utah)

Demarius Jacobs 6’2 SG Hillcrest Prep (St. Louis)

Both Gach 6’6 SG AZ Compass Prep

Dwayne Walker 6’4 SG AZ Compass Prep

Kyle Fischer 6’5 SF Sunnyslope