Posted On: 04/27/18 10:29 AM

Report on 2018 Southern California Hoop Review

The 15th annual Southern California Hoop Review was held Friday, Saturday, & Sunday April 20-22, 2018 at Next Level Sports Complex and the MAP in Garden Grove and Cerritos College in Norwalk. 280 teams from the western United States participated in the largest spring event in the west. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)

6’4 F Ronald Agebsar of Sheldon HS 2018 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)

Super athletic with great size and length, big time rebounder, sits in a stance and has active hands poking away balls, getting deflections, and steals. Pretty sound offensively with different things in his arsenal, can handle the rock, will post up at times with back to the basket, has a soft touch and finishes around the rim.

5’10 PG Alex Akins of Inglewood HS 2018 (Cal Supreme 17u Black Elite/ Premier)

Small quick PG that can get into the gaps and create for others. Can finish through contact and length, surprisingly enough he is a good passer in transition he keeps his head up and hits the open man. Plays hard and is a pest defensively.

6’2 Josh Alcindor CG of Irvine HS 2018 (Team Hardwood 17u white)

Deceptively quick, with explosive first step. Really good motor, can defend 94 feet. Showed ability to score, primarily off penetration.

6’2 SG Stephan Alla of Taft HS (Crush Basketball 17u)

Very athletic with a high motor, is a good defender who stays low and slides his feet well, is very discipline defensively, pretty good ball handler, needs to improve jump shot.

6’0 PG James Allen 2018 of Mt Miguel HS 2018 (Lark’s Elite 17u)

Very quick first step, pass-first PG. Really difficult to defend…penetrates and finds open guys.  Good mid-range game, but he will need to continue to improve his shooting from the 3-pt line.

6’5” WF Jaret Allen of Deer Valley HS 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 King)                                                          -Long wiry, with average athleticism, okay handle who can create off the dribble for himself and score. Needs to improve on shooting stroke.

6’7 SG Nadav Altit of Valley Torah HS 2018 (Hard Work Basketball)

Can score in different ways, very good on the drive but showed some flashes of ability to score on the perimeter. Poised with the ball in his hands and makes the right play most of the time.


6’8 SG Nimrod Altit of Valley Torah HS 2018 (Hard Work Basketball)

Left handed, long and athletic wing. Shoots it well off catch and shoot with a high release and has good elevation on his jump shot.


6’3” WF Carter Anderson of Bullard HS 2020 (Sound Basketball)                                                                          -Good body with good motor who can guard multiple positions and handle the ball and create in transition.


6’2 PG Michael Anderson of Chandler HS 2018 (Blue Chip Nation 2018)

Strong, athletic guard-very tough to keep out of the paint off the drive. Above average defender on the ball. Makes it very difficult for opposing guards.


6’2 SG Pablo Andrade of Rubidoux HS 2019 (Uptempo Basketball Academy 17u)

Long armed guard who is really good at finishing at the rim especially going downhill in transition, he moves well without the ball looking to cut and slash to the basket, has a slow release, but will knock down the spot up “3”.


5’11 PG Arturo Angeles of El Rancho HS 2018 (NOC/MAP 17u)

Combo guard who is really crafty with the ball and hits the seams very well to attack the basket, able to finish against big size guards, moves consistently without the ball which makes him a good slasher, shot the ball pretty well from 15 feet and out. NAIA or D3 level.


*6’2 CG Jamaal Barnes of Bonita HS 2018 (BBC Elite 17)

Versatile combo guard who is looking to go downhill in transition and attack the basket, can create own shot (one dribble pullup, take you off the dribble, shoot the 3). Very athletic and can score it in bunches, has good speed on defense, is tough as nails!! Has a high motor and plays with intensity. Low major level.


*6’4 CG Andre Batiste of La Mirada HS 2019 (Team Veritas 17u)

Long, thin, and pretty athletic. Skilled, good handles, knock down 3 point shooter from multiple spots behind the arc, uses his length offensively and defensively which plays out a huge factor in his game. Can get by defenders using quick first step and blow by speed to finish at the cup, plays hard and slides feet well laterally and has defensive instincts both on and off the ball. IS A SLEEPER AND HAS POTENTIAL…The sky is the limit with this kid!


*6’2 PG Anthony Bell II  of Valley Etiwanda HS 2019 (BBC Elite 17)

Real crafty guard with good size and length on him, always in attack mode in transition where he uses his combination of speed and strength to get pass defenders and finish with aggression around the basket. Uses long strides to get to the front rim, has a great understanding of when to push and when to slow down the pace offensively in order to run the offense, plays hard and rebounds okay.


6’7 W/P Matthew Bender of Francis Parker HS 2019 (WCEUA 17 Silver)

Very active, has long arms and a good frame. Can guard the post or the perimeter. Very versatile.


*6’6 F Mikai Benn of El Camino HS 2018 (NOC/MAP 17u)

Good framed forward that can drive it to the hole, very physical and tough, athleticism is okay, good rebounder with nice length, plays super hard, can face up and shoot the 15-footer. (NAIA looks)


6’0” CG Dayvon Botts of Jurupa Hills HS 2019 (WCEUA 17U Black)                                                             –Motor with good ball handling skills, likes contact! Can score the ball and defends the ball well.


*6’3 CG Malcolm Bray 2019 of Saint Bernard HS 2019 (Cal Supreme 17u Black Elite/Premier)

Big time CG with a ridiculously high motor and toughness! Fast guard who is an effective transition play maker, gets rid of ball quickly to the open player up ahead, good basketball IQ and is a solid passer, streaky shooter from the “3”! (Getting looks from D2 & D3 schools)


6’4 PG Brian Brown of Citrus Hill HS 2020 (Cali Elite 17U)

Tough post player. Seals defenders very well inside and understands how to play angles. Handles and passes very well for his size and age. Very good prospect.


*6’0 PG Devon Brown Leuzinger HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Blue)

Athletic with quick burst, Handles the basketball very well has a lot of stuff in his package, Has a quick first step that will defenders in the dust, plays with a chip on his shoulder, when attacking the rim he creates contact and manages a way to preserve good balance while trying to finish, has an okay mid-range game, has a smooth high release when it comes to his pull up, but needs to improve on “3” range. All over the place offensively and defensively, high motor and rebounds pretty well for his small size. Very energetic!!


5’10 SG Jonathon Brown of Excel Academy 2018 (NOC/MAP 17u)

Undersize shooting guard that is fast and can put the ball on the floor and make things happen, Is a tough hard nose kid that dives on the floor for loose balls.


*6’5 SF Kyle Brown of Dublin HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

Strong, physical player with good athleticism, is very tough and finishes through contact whether attacking the basket or grabbing a rebound to put it back up. Post-up game is pretty good has nice moves with a gentle touch around the rim.  


6’6” WF Tenigee Brown of Inderkum HS 2018 (ITPH Roaring Tigers Elite 17U)                                                          -Long with average athleticism, capable ball handler who can make plays above the rim. Needs to improve on shooting.  Would benefit greatly going to a junior college. JC player


*6’0 PG Xavion Brown of Sheldon HS 2020 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)

Athletic, quick point guard with nice skill set, confident shifty ball handler with great moves, fearlessly attacks the cup and finishes over and through defenders, great 1 on 1 moves and gets the angle he wants to score, has long arms which helps with getting deflections and steals.


*6’3 SG Prince Burford of Leuzinger HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Blue)

Physical Tough SG, has good speed going downhill and attacking the basket, is a good slasher and powers up through defenders in the paint for finishes, Good rebounder for his position, has an unorthodox shot, but it goes in from deep range, does a really good job of getting by defenders and stopping on the dime for floaters and jump shot!


6’2 Wing Braxton Carlson of Irvington HS 2019 (Bay Area Mustangs 17U)

Legitimate catch and shoot ability from very deep. Above average offensive awareness. Knows when to cut, crack back behind driver or stand in there for catch and shoot.


5’10 PG Matthew Carr of Horizon HS 2019 (AZ Rebels 17 White)

Tough player who does all the dirty work, will dive on the floor for loose balls, step over and take a charge, plays hard and pursues rebounds well, gives team energy and extra possessions.


6’7” SF Alexander Cartwright of Murrieta Valley HS 2019 (IEBP Red Seniors)                                            –Inside and out player who has improved on skill level and especially footwork and ballhandling.  Good at the high post creating space and rising up and shooting over defenders. Can score with back to basket in post and rebounds at rim level.

5’10 PG Tyler Chu of West lake HS 2019 (OGP 17u Kings Blue)

PG that’s leads his team, plays really hard, likes going downhill to suck in the defense to then kick out to the open man, is a shooter can shoot the mid-range shot and the “3”


*5’10 PG Hansen Clark of George Washington prep HS 2019 (Gardena Wolfpack)

Small thin sized guard who is fast and is a scorer, does a great job of changing pace when coming up full court, he is a natural scorer, can shoot the 3 from various spots, can blow by defenders and finish with floaters, does a great job of running the offense, defensively does a great job of creating pressure and really staying low and shuffling his feet.


6’3” W Jahville Collins of El Camino Real HS 2019 (OGP 17U Kings Black)                                                       -Long-athletic and has a motor, slasher who can create his own shot and can score the ball.  Defends on the ball really well.

6’5” F Kobe Craig of Executive Prep Academy 2019 (Team Prep 17U)                                                                  -Long with good hands and body and runs floor hard, finishes around the basket and around traffic and has multiple efforts on the glass.  Capable shooter from 15ft.

physicality allow him to guard multiple positions, can put the ball on the ground and get the rim with vengeance, has a nice one-dribble pull up 15-footer, has nice touch around the rim. Has great energy and makes an impact to the game.


5’8 PG Terrell Davis of Lawndale HS 2020 (Sole Brothers 17U)

Great body for a high school sophomore. Tough, quick, smart, and effective with the dribble. If he grows to 6’0 he could be a division 1 PG.


*6’1 PG Christopher Dashiell of Centennial HS 2019 (TBF 17)

Talented athletic scorer with lighting speed, can score in either transition or half-court situations, really good going downhill and attacks basket with great body control, crafty scorer who takes the right angle to the basket and has the ability to finish with both hands while being contested, handles the rock well, gets into the paint and draws defenders and dishes to open teammates, has pretty good IQ, defensively he slides his feet well laterally, makes a great effort to cut his man off, has very active hands and gets steals and deflects, plays hard with confidence.


6’5” SF Christopher Dean of Irvine HS 2019 (Relentless Nation Basketball 17U)                                                 -Spot up shooter with ability to dribble operate on perimeter and create for others.  D3 player

*6’9 C Solomon Dodd of Millikan HS 2018 (Cal Supreme 17u Black Elite/Premier)

Physical paint presence with thick upper body frame, active and has a high motor, has okay athleticism, always looking to rim-run in transition and rebounds at a good rate, really long arms and does a great job posting and sealing his defender in the block putting his elbows up not allowing them to go around to steal the ball, capable finisher around the rim, plays hard on both ends of the floor, needs to work on foot work and agility, feet are a little heavy set.


6’4 SG Jeremy Dowdell of Olympus HS 2019 (UBC 17u Elite)

Smooth and consistent 3- point shooter from multiple spots and has deep range. Moves well without the ball allowing him to cut to the basket and getting lay ups. Plays really hard and is tough, has pretty good basketball IQ.


*6’6 SF Melvin Ely of Edison HS 2018 (Team Superstar Unsigned)

Super athleticism with a thin body frame. Can jump out of the gym has really long arms, his length bothers defenders, capable of shooting the “3” and is a slasher cuts to the basket really hard, great rebounder tends to pursue the ball well.

5’11 PG Jayson Fernbacher of Miramonte HS 2019 (Oakland Rebels 17u Red)

Really good PG skills, can pass the ball well, pushes the tempo and gets ball ahead, high motor and energetic, is all over the place on both ends of the court.


6’5” SF Vince Fier of Alemany HS 2019 (OGP 17U Kings Black)                                                                         -Big body and physical plays with moxie, can dribble operate and attack basket off the bounce has quick release on jump shot. Shoots “3” fairly well.

6’0 PG Denniss Flowers of St. Francis HS 2019 (Cal United-SCU 17u)

Long,quick PG has nice handles rarely loses the ball, looks to get to the front rim, finishes through contact, has a pure shot that is capable of going in from 15 feet and out. Does a great job of setting the pace.

*6’5 SG Jaishon Forte of Rancho Verde HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors black)

NICE big upper body frame, real strong and physical, can jump out the gym, he is a force to be wrecking with especially on 1 on 1 situations, he bullies defenders and get to the basket at will, consistent 3 point shooter both off the catch and the trail, will do what it takes to win, will put team on his back and try his best to lead them to victory. LOW-MID MAJOR D1


*6’5 SG Austin Galuppo of West Ranch HS 2018 (WCEUA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

Knockdown 3-point shooter from multiple spots behind the arc, has a quick trigger and has NBA range, impressive athleticism, has good basketball IQ, Downhill scorer with good length, tough minded guard who defends with high intensity, is a competitor!! Low – Mid Major D1


6’9 Post Mike Gao of Diamond Bar HS 2019 (Prodigy Elite 17U)

Big and thin, good frame. Very skilled with the ball for his size. Doesn’t do a great job sealing or getting position. Can keep the ball in front of him on the perimeter which is rare for somebody his size. Has scholarship potential because of his size.


6’8 C Harrison Garner of Maranatha HS 2019 (ARC Wildcats East 17u)

5-man with good size. Moves well end to end. Rebounds with passion, and toughness. Can score near hoop with nice touch, plays real big all the time!!  


6’4” PF Jonny Garnett of Campbell HS 2019 (BTI All-Stars Bronze)                                                          -Undersized big, who plays tough and physical and can score with back to basket and has ability to make face-up moves.  

5’10 PG Zamaurion George of Eastside HS 2018 (Crush Basketball 17u)

Fast, crafty guard with good athleticism for his size, is a force to be wrecking with in transition where he can lead the break and finish. Keeps his head on a swivel and has good court vision, is a pest defensively, just tough and grimy.


6’3” G Malik Ghiden of American Canyon HS 2018 (Team Rampage Elite)                                                          -Crafty and strong with average ball handling skills and finishes through traffic. Can guard multiple positions and has physicality.  Okay shooter with range.

5’11 PG Aiden Gilbert of Crean Lutheran HS 2019 (WCEUA 17 HA)

Shows flashes of being a special player. Sometimes looks like a lead guard at the next level. Puts pressure on the defense with decision making and effective use of the dribble. When he’s making shots he is very good.


6’8” F Cristiano Gomes of Ombudsman Charter NW HS 2018 (Powerhouse Hoops 17 Herzer)                            -Good frame, plays physical and rugged and pursues the ball on offensive rebounds. Scores around basket.

6’2” SG Fernardo Gomez II of St. John Bosco HS 2019 (WCEUA 17U Gray)                                                       -Solid ball handler with good 1 on 1 dribble moves and has good attack angles to basket.  Needs to improve on shooting.

5’8 PG Nick Grassman of Bellarmine College Prep 2019 (Top Flight Elite 17u Red)

Tiny framed guard who is very shifty and smooth, is he a floor general who understands when to push the pace and when to bring the ball out and set offense up, has good IQ and is a true PG, has terrific court vision and is a good passer, can knock down the open “3”.


*6’4 CG Jordan Griffin of Narbonne HS 2018 (WCE UA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

Super athletic with great length, Solid ball handler, looking to attack basket and get the hole in transition and in half court setting, as a quick first step and good enough balance to blow by defenders to dish off to teammates and make plays or score near the cup. Pretty solid finisher, his length helps him defensively be able to deflect passes and get steals, stays low in a stance and has quick feet. Solid rebounder!


*6’5 SF Riley Grigsby of Archbishop Mitty HS 2018 (WCE UA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

Physical and tough undersize big, plays really hard with a chip on his shoulder, has good length and broad shoulders is build like a football player, is a high level finisher down in the low post, rebounds everything in his area, is athletic and quick capable of scoring on size and quickness, Does a great job sealing and ducting his man, has a nice soft touch around the basket, high motor and has great defensive presence, good footwork can guard multiple positions.



6’6 SF Andrew Gosserand of Notre Dame (Riverside) HS 2018 (OGP Unsigned Seniors Black)

Long, thin framed, fast forward with bounce, great defensive presence and energy, is a good shot blocker, can score in bunches.


6’2 SG Eimantas Gudkovas of Renaissance Academy2018 (Pressure Basketball)

Quick first step, good and weaving his way through traffic and getting to the cup and finishing, he tends to through his body into defenders and creating contact for the foul, gets to the free throw line because of that.


6’6 Post Luke Haupt of St. Augustine HS 2020 (WCEUA 17U Gray)

Left handed post player. Long with good touch from the perimeter. Nice moves on the block and has the ability to drive to score from the perimeter.


6’7 Post Collin Hegsted of Orem HS 2020 (Vivint Swoosh Elite)

Can screen and pop, has good touch from the perimeter. Could be a solid prospect if he works a little more on his inside game.


6’5” WF Ajay Hein of Lancaster HS 2019 (New Era Basketball Academy)                                                                       -Lefty, with good length and shoulders, makes basketball plays around the basket.  Always around the ball. Good ball handler and can create off the dribble and score.  D2 player

6’3 PG Judsen Henderson of Downey HS 2019 (Bobcats Elite 17U Red)

Quick and athletic with great size for a lead guard. Can drive it to score with either hand but is better going right. His size makes him a very tough cover on the perimeter.


6’5” SF Bryce Hilton of Mission Prep HS 2020 (3Ball 17U)                                                                                 –Physical presence and competitor, runs floor and faces-up to score and shoots the ball 12-15ft.   

*6’6 SG Lucas Holden of Canyon HS 2018 (WCE UA Diamond Unsigned Seniors)

okay athleticism and versatile wing, runs the floor and gets to his lane every time, finishes well in transition with physicality Capable of shooting the ball at a high level once he gets going, plays super hard and has a high motor! Can defend different positions from the 1-4.


 6’8” F Miles Houston of Hamilton HS 2019 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U Schumaker)                                               -Face-up forward who can shoot ball from 15ft and runs the floor hard in transition, rebounds the ball in his area.                      


6’5 Wing Zellie Hudson of Westchester HS 2018 (WCEUA Platinum)

Quick and athletic guard who can score at all 3 levels. Can really defend the ball. Uses his size and athleticism to make it tough on ball handlers. Very strong, has a college body and will be a great get for whoever grabs him this late.


*6’9 PF Samuel Hunter of British Columbia Christian Academy 2019 (BC Panther Hoops)

Strong, physical prospect with good length and athleticism, Big body post man that has a great frame, does a great job sealing and posting up defenders, Real patient once he gets it in the post, has great post moves capable of finishing through contact, big time motor, rebounds well on both sides of the floor and plays his strength as a rim runner and high energy defender, is a good passer out of the post finding cutters and swing the ball to the open man, has hands the size of mitts “huge hands” is able to catch almost everything thrown at him, has a great basketball IQ and is fundamentally sound. D1 PROSPECT!!


5’10 PG Devin Isai of Canyon Crest HS 2020 (WCE UA SD 17u Black)

Is their floor general, is a smart player with pretty good IQ, good passer and can shoot the ball, has a high release making it hard for defenders to block.


6’3 Cooper Jervis G of Orange Lutheran HS 2019 (MOC D1 Elite 17u)

Shooter with size, nice looking shot with deep range.


6’5 SF/PF Abel Jimenez of Fairmont Prep 2019 (Team Veritas 17u)

Big strong bodied undersized forward, built like a linebacker with broad shoulders, real physical, plays hard, finishes well in transition bulldozing defenders in front of him and finishing through contact, impressive ability to rebound in traffic, tough player who dives on the floor for loose balls, can put the ball on the floor and bully his way to the basket gets their at will.


6’7 Post Shem Johnson of Orem HS 2019 (Vivint Swoosh Elite)

Long and thin post player with good defensive instincts. Screens bodies and seals well in the post. Has the chance to be a very good player if he puts some weight on.


*6’2 SG Justin Johnston of Shadow Mountain HS 2019 (AZ Rebels 17 White)

Pure shooter! Can shoot the “3” from multiple spots from beyond the arc, pretty skilled ball handler. When attacking the basket he has great counters and avoids defenders, solid finisher around the basket.


6’8” WF Darren Jones of Cajon HS 2019 (California United 559 17U)                                                                  -Long-athletic, slasher who can create off the dribble on straight line drives and get to the basket. Can get in lane and stop and elevate over defenders and shoot ball. MM player

*6’4 SG Isaiah Jones of Folsom HS 2018 (Lakeshow 17’s Elite)

High level shooter with deep range. Can knock down the “3” consistently!! He has great vision as well is very unselfish, good passer puts the ball at the right spot, plays hard!!


*6’4 SF Richard Kawakami of Valencia HS 2019 (Blazers 17u)

Undersized big plays more of the 4, but is quick and crafty like a guard, plays tough and very aggressive, does not back down against size is not afraid, has a high motor and rebounds really well, post up moves are real solid, has a face up game and blows by defenders and finishes with authority in the paint, okay athleticism, Can guard multiple positions, is there glue- guy and the team feeds off his energy. NAIA, D3, D2 PROSPECT


6’3 Troy Kihm G/F of Capistrano Valley Christian HS 2018 (Team Hardwood 17u white)

Decent athlete with long arms. Plays hard and makes effort plays. Needs to add some strength and refine his shooting touch.


6’6 Cory Knutson F/C of Yorba Linda HS 2020 (OC Rain 17u Black)

Skilled post, good passer, soft shooting touch.  Very good operating from the elbow areas. Can score with back to basket with nice righty hook.


6’2 SG Angel Llamas of Academy of Sports and Science 2020 (Cali Elite 17U)

Knockdown on the catch and shoot from anywhere on the perimeter. Loves the corners but can make shots above the break as well. Needs to improve strength and quickness but nice prospect with two years of high school left.


6’1 PG Pedro Leal of Rubidoux HS 2018 (Up Tempo Basketball Academy 17u)

Dynamic scoring guard with great feel for the game, displayed consistent shooting ability this past weekend from mid- range to “3” range, has smooth shot, does a good job of hitting the gaps and getting to the rim at will, Has a quick first step and can be crafty especially in transition, slides feet well laterally and can defend, needs to improve in finishing around the basket especially through contact and length. Committed to Life Pacific College


6’4 SG Kai Lee of Carmel HS 2020 (Seaside’s Finest 17’s)

Long guard who score and is a tough competitor, can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim and finish, has good body control takes the right angle to get past defenders, has pretty good IQ and makes smart decisions, high motor is all over the court offensively and defensively.