16U Standouts from the Route 66 Kickoff


Posted On: 04/9/18 5:11 PM

Hezekiah Swanson 2020 Colorado Hawks Guard

Swanson is a quick player that is not afraid to use his handles to drive at a person. He has a nice floater that works for him in order to get shots off over bigger defenders. Swanson also has good vision that helps his game on the drive. He finds the open man in order to get his team open looks. Swanson also has a good ability to finish at the rim through contact. He does not shy away from the hits when he takes it to the rim.

Graham Ike 2020 Colorado Hawks Post

Ike is a solid post player that has good footwork. He uses his post moves in the paint very well to score around the basket. He has a good frame and good strength and uses it around the hoop. He looks very comfortable in and around the paint and grabs a lot of rebounds throughout games. Ike also has a presence on the defensive end with his length. He affects shots and gets his hands in passing lanes. 

Devin Carter 2020 Colorado Hawks Guard

Carter plays fast for the Colorado Hawks. He gets out in front of the transition play to get easy buckets. He is comfortable on the ball and shows an ability to create his own space with his handles. He plays unselfishly and always tries to find the man with the best shot. Carter also has a solid shot that allows him to score consistently. 

Davonte Gennins 2020 Kansas Pray and Play Guard

Gennings is a Guard that plays with intensity. He takes the game into his own hands and is not afraid of the competition. He attacks the basket vigorously and can finish at the rim with contact. Gennings also plays solid defense which is no surprise with the intensity that he brings on both ends of the court. 

Tai Johnson 2020 Kansas Pray and Play Guard 

Johnson is a player who plays with a lot of confidence. He has good handles and shows them throughout the game. He creates a lot off of his handles. He is not afraid to take the ball at his opponent and try to beat his man. He takes them both to the rim and can finish at the rim through contact. He plays with a lot of swagger and it is deserved.