16U Spring Kickoff Standouts


Posted On: 04/14/18 1:46 AM

The Prep Hoops Spring Kickoff in Denver began Friday night with a bang! The 16U division featured several impressive players that caught my eye.

Jaden Gale 2020 Billups Elite Wing 

Gale was the best player on the floor on Friday night. He put on a great show of athleticism throwing down a jam that ignited the entire gym. The way Gale attacked the basket fearlessly led to easy buckets. As well as he scored it that was not what stood out the most. The passing skills of Gale surprised me with how well he was able to get the ball in tight spots to teammates. Gale has good vision. He was also super active on defense. Gale is a super fire NCAA Division I athlete.

Lucas Moerman 2020 Pluto Prospects Post

This is the second straight weekend Moerman has really impressed me with his skill set. The first thing that sticks out instantly about Moerman is his size at 6’8 plus a strong frame. He is raw still in some areas, but the potential of Moerman is easily seen through the flashes of brilliance he shows at both ends. Moerman finished well in the paint using crafty Post moves to create openings. When needed Moerman muscled the ball into the hoop over defenders. Moerman is a big to watch over the next year. NCAA Division II is a good level for Moerman at this time with that said he does have a lot of upside and could blossom over the next year.

Kobe Sanders 2020 Billups Elite Point Guard

Sanders was the best passer I saw on Friday night. The unselfish play he brings to the table at the Point is refreshing to see in a day and age where most kids think they have to score to stick out. Sanders handed out assists to his teammates left and right. Sanders scored the ball best using a good change of pace to get to the hoop.

Ethan Henderson 2020 Colorado Anarchy Hoops Wing 

Henderson sparked a big wing for Colorado Anarchy Hoops with a three-point show. Not only did Henderson score the ball well he also did the small things for Colorado Anarchy playing tough defense and taking a big charge. Henderson projects to the small college level.

Brandon Clawson 2020 Pluto Prospects Forward

Clawson gave Pluto Prospects some good minutes at the Forward spot playing hard non-stop. At 6’6 the intensity Clawson brings to the boards is big time. He also showed off a nice mid-range shot that opens up the offense for him around the basket. Clawson still has a lot of filling out to do with his 6’6 skinny frame. He is one for small colleges to know in the 2020 Colorado Class.

Chandler Marks 2020 SSA Elite Black Wing/Forward 

Marks is a tweener between a 3 and 4. He did not have the best offensive night but makes the standout list because he did so many things well that impacted his team in a positive way outside of scoring. Marks gave some of the best efforts on the court I saw all night. At 6’4 he passed the ball extremely well to open teammates from the high post. Marks was also solid on the boards. Where Marks made his biggest mark was blocking shots on defense. At the end of the game, Marks had almost ten blocks, no that is not an exaggeration. He was the best glue guy of the night.

Isaac Jessup 2020 Colorado Titans Wing 

Jessup was a scoring machine in the first half of the Colorado Titans big opening game victory. He scored it best using his jumper from deep and mid-range. Jessup projects to the small college level with his ability to heat up at a moments notice.


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