15U Standouts at the Route 66 Kickoff


Posted On: 04/9/18 5:04 PM

Jarrett Birdwell Oklahoma Power Guard #22 Power

Jarrett was all over the court for the Oklahoma Power. He gave great effort and it was shown in his rebounding. He is good on the ball and takes it at his opponents. He is a good scorer with a solid shot. He does not shy away from contact as he can score through the contact. Jarrett is a guy people will need to keep an eye on as he develops. 

Ty Robinson 2021 Colorado Hawks Guard

Robinson has good handles and can beat his guy with his moves. He takes it to the rim and does not shy away from the contact as he can finish through contact. He drives well through the traffic in the lane. He is a solid guard that drives the ball before the shot. That being said he can still hit some solid shots throughout the game. 

Smith 2021 Missouri Flight Guard

Smith is a scorer. He scores the ball at all levels well and is not afraid to shoot the ball. Smith has good range and knocks down his shot from behind the arc with consistency. Smith can score in bunches throughout games as he is always ready to shoot. He catches ready and pulls the trigger quickly. Smith has taken advantage of the change in the game towards the three-point line as he showed his ability to shoot the ball this weekend. 

T. Townley 2021 Peak Elite Guard

Townley likes to score the ball. He is a streaky scorer and scores a lot of his points at the three-point line or slashing to the bucket. He takes it to the hoop and either finishes at the rim or gets fouled. He is a good shooter that is consistent from behind the arc. Townley is a fun player to watch as he can put up big numbers on the score sheet. 

Aiden Waker 2021 Pro Skills Elite

Waker is a player every coach wants. He is not necessarily a star but he does all the little things for a team. He is a good defender and is not afraid to get in the opponent’s chest. He gets out on the break which is where he scores a lot of his points at the rim. He can finish through contact but also is not afraid to pass the ball to get his teammates easy buckets. He also showed a good ability to handle the ball even in tight situations. 

Kayhon Russell 2021 Pro Skills Elite

Russell is another player who has bought into the system. He has good positioning and always find the open space. He is always ready for the ball giving his teammates an option. He rebounds the ball well and is a good outlet passer. He finds the open man quickly after the board in order to get the fast break going. He is a good fundamental player that plays to help the team win. 

Nolan Marold 2021 Colorado Hawks Wing

Marold is a good rebounder. He is good on the boards because of the effort he puts into the game. He blocks his man out and attacks the ball to meet it at his peak. He gets second-chance points because he is always crashing the boards after the shot. He also showed a touch from the outside. He was able to hit some shots from the perimeter which helped open up space in the middle of the defense. He also attacked the basket well. He went to the hoop and finished despite being covered tightly. Marold is a player who never gives up and continues to fight throughout the entire game.