Posted On: 03/27/18 3:57 PM

Vegas Elite are one of the oldest clubs in Las Vegas and possibly the current oldest next to LV Prospects.  Brian Sitter is the founder of the group that is based out of the YMCA headquarters near the boulevard mall.  If you have ever played in a local small AAU event than you have been to this venue.  It is right at the center of town.  Vegas Elite offers teams for all ages unlike many other clubs who only deal with high school ages.  They have been putting out competitive teams for young ages for many years now.  Rich Thornton is now helping out Brian to manage some of the older teams and market the new look franchise of sorts.  VEBC or Vegas Elite Basketball Club, as they have been known for recently was not as big on the national scene until recently.  Last AAU season Indihoops had several of their teams ranked in the top 10 or even Top 5 for their class.  That is incredible with the high number of teams out there.  They are currently under NIKE affiliation for their 15u and 16u teams.  They will be playing in the EYB circuit and the 17u team will be an independant group.  Vegas Elite was one of the first clubs to have its own official facility to use so that gave them a huge advantage.  Court time is a premium out here and they quickly figured that out and got smart.

Vegas Elite has recent alumni that are making waves:

Zach Collins 7-0″ center from Gonzaga, currently on the Sacramento Kings

PJ Savoy 6-4″ guard at Florida State

Soon to be players in college:

Trey Woodbury 6-4″ guard from Clark HS

Jamal Bey 6-6″ guard from Bishop Gorman

Noah Taitz 6-3″ guard from Bishop Gorman

Isaiah Cottrell 6-9″ center from Bishop Gorman

There are many others but that is a handful of kids to watch for. This coming season should follow from last year in regards to the ranked teams and winning events.  They have solid 15u, 16u and 17u squads and its a bit of a shock they aren’t playing in a show sponsored circuit quite yet.  Now that may change between now and July.  VEBC has a pipeline into the Bishop Gorman kids as of late.  There is no surprise that most of the highly ranked players from the Gaels reside on rosters for Brian Sitter and Co.  The Las Vegas AAU scene is now primarily dominated by Vegas Elite, Las Vegas Prospects and LV Knicks.  We expect that Brian Sitter and Rich Thornton to challenge the Prospects for local top dog in town.  The previous two years have shown us that this club has the organization and the man power to run with anyone now.  Watch out for them this Summer!

VEBC will be playing in these Spring events:

March 29th-31st Easter Classic (Las Vegas, NV)

April 20-22 Nike EYB session I (Dallas, TX)

April 27th-29th EYB session II (Indianapolis, IN)

May 11-13th Nike EYB Session III (Atlanta, GA)

May 18-20 Prep Hoop Series (Las Vegas, NV)

May 26-28th Memorial Day Classic (Las Vegas, NV)

Here are two rosters that were just sent over to us today:

E15 roster

  • Frankie Collins 6-0″ guard
  • RIchard Isaacs 6-0″ guard
  • Jonathan Braggs 6-2″ guard
  • Cimmaron Conriquez 6-1″ guard
  • Azavier Johnson 6-4″ wing
  • Cameron Kimble 6-4″ wing
  • Milos Uzan 6-0″ guard
  • Max Allen 6-8″ forward
  • Daniel Rouzan 6-7″ forward

E16 roster

  • Isaiah Cottrell 6-10″ forward
  • Will McClendon 6-4″ guard
  • Larry Holmes 6-2″ guard
  • Zaon Collins 6-0″ guard
  • Chibuzo Agbo 6-7″ forward
  • Noah Taitz 6-4″ guard
  • Jaylon Lee 6-8″ forward
  • Mwani Wilkinson 6-5″ guard