Top unsigned seniors in the SHAC All Star game


Posted On: 03/31/18 3:29 PM

Thursday night had many talented seniors on display from the SHAC. Although many are unsigned, a few names showed they could play at the next level if the right school came calling. In this article, I preview the top 5 players that impressed me Thursday night.

Eric McLaughlin (Lynchburg-Clay)- If an MVP award was to be given out, it would be awarded to McLaughlin. His presence in the paint alone makes him such a difference maker. One of the taller forwards in the SHAC, he possesses a great offensive skill set and is an overall talented athlete. His ability to not only finish in the paint, but also pull up from midrange and 3 point line makes him such a mismatch on the offensive end.

Tanner Arey (Peebles)- One of the top players in the SHAC the past 3 years, Arey’s jump shot was off on Thursday night, but he still showed why he was one of the top guards in SE Ohio. During the regular season, Arey shot 48% from beyond the arc. Although he did not hit many from that range, his ability to set up teammates and handle the basketball show why he is a legitimate D3 collegiate player next year.

Blake Hawes (Peebles)- Hawes and McLaughlin showed why the tallest players were some of the best players Thursday. Blake is a lengthy forward that demonstrated great skill rebounding the basketball. Specifically his ability to grab the basketball with authority and with two hands made him such a weapon on the glass. Defensively, he used his length as a shot blocker, creating turnovers and making plays in the paint. Hawes is definitely talented enough to play at the JUCO level and could even be a D3 player if the right school came calling.

Ryan Harney (Ripley)- One word to describe Ryan, sharpshooter. With a great shooting form, Harney is dangerous from beyond the arc. He knocked down several shots Thursday night with this shot and forced defenders to cover him from well beyond the arc. At times, Harney even found ways to get in the paint making plays. Offensively he is a dangerous 2 guard that could make a JUCO very happy.

Jamie Combs (Manchester)- A great defender and good point guard, Combs showed great discipline especially on the offensive end. He did great at finding open guys and especially impressed me with his ability to move without the basketball. Cutting to the basket and playing without the ball is sometimes rare to find in a guard but Jamie does great at it. One area he would need to improve is his jump shot as he struggled in the midrange throughout the night Thursday. Jamie is a guy that may surprise you.