Top Scorers in Class A


Posted On: 03/5/18 2:22 PM

The Class A State Tournament wrapped up this weekend with Fort Cobb taking home the Gold Ball. In our final article on the tournament, we break down the top scorers in Class A.

Cole Jones 2018 Pond Creek-Hunter Guard (Signed Northwestern Oklahoma State)

Jones is arguably the best scorer in the class with his ability to score at all three levels. If he was 6’3 he may have ended up at the NCAA Division I level because of his talented skills set. At 5’10 Jones is a load to handle with his solid handle of the basketball. He is a high volume shooter that heats up quickly. Northwestern Oklahoma State landed a perfect fit for their program in Jones. He will have great success at the NCAA Division II level.

Toche Taylor 2018 Rattan Wing 

Taylor scored the ball primarily shooting the rock from deep. As the tournament progressed he began to show he could score inside as well. The biggest thing Taylor must improve to be effective at the college level is his handle. Shooting is such a coveted thing nowadays that Taylor should find a fit and be able to continue to work on his game.

Brevin Nyberg 2018 Seiling Guard

Nyberg is a gamer for Seiling. He finished off his career with a bang lifting his squad to the state tournament unbeaten. What Nyberg does so well is finding ways to score from all three levels. He is an above average shooter with a knack for creating offense.

Kellen Hines 2019 Fort Cobb-Broxton Point Guard 

Hines continued on the legacy of his last name scoring the ball at a very high level. Over his high school career, Hines has shown he can play against the best. If he was in Class 6A Hines would be one of the better players still. A lot of times small town prospects get looked at differently because of the competition level, however, Hines has proven in the summertime against top-tier talent that he can play regardless of level. This summer will be huge for Hines to see where his projection in college is going to be.

Cale Lazenby 2019 Glencoe Wing 

Dante Lightfoot 2019 Frontier Guard


Lightfoot was great at creating offense for Frontier with the ball in his hands at the Point Guard spot primarily. He is a respectable three-point shooter, which makes the defense come out and guard him. The first step of Lightfoot along with his length helped him to get to the rim.

Nolan Childs 2018 Frontier Forward 

As a stretch four Childs has an excellent jump shot that he is not afraid of firing as soon as he is past halfcourt. Childs also used his jumper very effectively from mid-range. Frontier will miss his talents next year, but the college program that lands Childs will be happy with his scoring skills.

Will Haas 2020 Southwest Covenant Point Guard 

What a gamer. Haas scored it best getting to the hoop, especially in the first half as he could not find his shot. He settled into a nice rhythm when he got his mid-range floater going in the second half. Once he found his rhythm he started hitting shot after shot from three-point range. He is good at creating off the bounce. The first sentence describes him best, a gamer.

Tyson Eastwood 2021 Fort Cobb-Broxton Guard 

Eastwood really impressed at the state tournament with his ball handling, scoring at all three levels, and consistently making the smart plays on the court. He is a freshman to keep a very close eye on to see how he progresses.

Mason Hart 2019 Pond Creek-Hunter Wing 

Hart is a matchup problem for teams at the Class A level with his size at 6’4 and ball handling skills. He scored the ball very well driving to the hoop. Although his three-pointer is not consistent he hits enough of them that the opponent has to keep it in their mind at all times.

Dayken Rackley 2019 Cyril Forward 

Rackley is a matchup nightmare for teams in Class A with his length at 6’7 in the post. He moves well for a big guy, which helps him to be a force on offense. Rackley scored the ball best getting the ball in the high post and attacking the basket.

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