Posted On: 03/6/18 3:57 PM

Class B is the smallest class in Oklahoma still they have plenty of players that can light up the scoreboard. Prep Hoops breaks down the top scorers from the Class B State Tournament.

Riley Island 2018 Calumet Point Guard

Island is easily the most electrifying player in the Class with his energetic play on the court. This weekend Island did not come out with his second Gold Ball but did everything he could to help his team. From three-point range, Island is a volume shooter that can get hot in a hurry. He scored 40 points on Thursday night followed by 31 points on Friday afternoon. Island is the second highest rated player in the Oklahoma 2018 Class.

Elijah Stargell 2018 Earlsboro Guard

Stargell was a huge surprise in Class B. A well put together strong Guard that thrives off getting to the basket. He shoots the ball well enough for defenses to have to guard him it is his strength and ability to create that separate him. Stargell could be a steal for the small college who finds him late.

Grayson Nix 2018 Red Oak Guard (Signed to Henderson State)

Nix is the highest rated player in Class B he showed why this weekend with three stellar performances. What really sticks out is Nix scores the ball best from the three-point line and mid-range in grassroots basketball. At Red Oak, Nix was used to score a ton on the block using his height as one of the tallest players on the roster to his advantage. Nix is the most efficient scorer in the class. Being able to score at all three levels will allow him to have an immediate impact at Henderson State next year. He also has the clutch factor obviously as he hit the game-winner to lift his team to the championship in the final moments of double overtime against Earlsboro.

Christian Adair 2018 Indiahoma Guard 

Adair is a Guard that can fill it up from deep. When he shoots a three-pointer you almost expect each one of them to go in. Opponnets had to account for Adair at all times on the court. He moved well without the ball in his hands.

Jacob Armstrong 2018 Red Oak Wing 

Armstrong was apart of the duo at Red Oak with Nix that helped them win the Class B Gold Ball. The shots Armstrong hit down the stretch in key moments were vital to Red Oak winning a Gold Ball. The best attributes Armstrong brings to the floor are his sniper skills from three-point range. On the Wing, Armstrong could help a small college program. He might be a great candidate to develop over a year of redshirt.

Christopher Goldston 2018 Leedey Guard 

Goldston is an undersized Guard that was best at making plays happen. He does not stick out physically but is one of those gamers that brings it each night. When he is scoring the basketball at his best Goldston was getting to the rim and creating for teammates. He played really smart with the rock in his hands making great decisions.

Colten Clinesmith 2019 Leedey Wing

Clinesmith is an intriguing Forward/Wing prospect at Leedey. Leedey used Clinesmith a great ton in the paint to take advantage of opponents. He could be a guy that blossoms into a small college program prospect by next year.

Trenton Nadeau 2019 Earlsboro Forward 

Nadeau was a pleasant surprise at Earlsboro scoring the ball very well from three-point range. A stocky 6’4 Forward/Wing allows him to be good at fighting for rebounds inside with the added ability to score the ball from deep. Nadeau is a guy that projects well in the small college ranks because of his size and ability to shoot the ball.


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