Ten Best: Perry-Lecompton vs. McLouth

High School

Posted On: 03/1/18 11:32 PM

SILVER LAKE, Kan. — Despite a valiant effort by No. 4 seeded McLouth, top seeded Perry-Lecompton survived a sub-state regional semifinal contest on Thursday at Silver Lake High School and advanced to Saturday’s championship with a 57-43 win.

The Kaws got a game-high 16 points from Colton Mullonee, while Jonah Willits and Jeremy Carlton each added 12 for McLouth.

Here, Prep Hoops Kansas takes a look at several things that stood out in the contest.

MVP: Colton Mallonee (Perry). A 6’2 2019 forward, Mallonee put together a terrific all-around performance on Thursday to help lead Perry-Lecompton to a semifinal win. He finished with 16 points and eight rebounds, including eight key points in the first quarter to help the Kaws take an 18-11 lead at the end of the first frame. Mellonee has a good feel for scoring in the paint and around the basket and put together a strong performance on the boards on Thursday as well.

Best Offensive Performance: Canaan Daniels (Perry). Blessed with good size for a guard, Canaan Daniels is good off the bounce and getting to the basket and creating offense. A 6’2 2018 shooting guard, Daniels went for 16 points and four rebounds, was 6 for 7 at the free throw line and knocked down the Kaws’ only two 3-pointers.

Best Rebounder: Connor Anderson (Perry). A 6’3 2019 forward, Anderson plays bigger than his listed height due to a long, rangy build and a nose for the ball. He had six rebounds in the first half of Thursday’s contest, with most coming at the offensive end of the court. He finished with seven points and 10 rebounds and helped give the Kaws several extra offensive possessions.

Best Shooter: Jeremy Carlton (McLouth). A diminutive 5’7 2019 point guard, Carlton had some struggles handling the ball and coughed up the ball several times. But he also stepped up and made three key 3-pointers and led the way with 12 points for McLouth.

Best Passer: Garrison Pope (McLouth). Also a talented scorer, Pope is a 6’0 2019 guard who finished with 10 points on Thursday. He can shoot from the outside and create a little off the bounce, and he has good vision and the ability to see the floor.

Best off the bench: Conner Morgison (Perry). A 5’7 2019 guard, Morgison didn’t put up big numbers, finishing with five points, but brought a cool, steady hand to the court. He gave the Kaws an extra ball handler in the backcourt and Morgison made several plays at the defensive end as well, coming up with steals and running out for an easy bucket or two. Morgison didn’t start, but was on the court a lot, including the end-of-game moments.

Most underrated: Jacob Willits (McLouth). An undersized 5’8 2019 post player, Willits likes to get in the post and work hard for buckets. He has the ability to elevate over bigger players and finish tough chances in the paint. He went for 12 points on Thursday despite Perry-Lecompton working hard to deny him the ball in the post and McLouth going away from him in the second half. He added seven rebounds to lead the Bulldogs as well.