Team Loaded 757: 17U Preview


Posted On: 03/22/18 6:39 PM

Team Loaded has solidified itself as one of the top programs on the Adidas circuit. With teams across the east coast, the name fits well, as they are loaded with some of the best talent on this side of the country. Here we take a look at the 17U squad of the 757 team, boosting one of the best rosters of Virginia kids in AAU basketball this season.

Akeenan Sarvan | 6’9 | Bishop Sullivan Catholic School | 2019
Offers: Maryland Eastern Shore, Hampton
The 6’9 forward is arguably the high school version of Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks. He can score the ball from the inside, or the outside, creating problems for those tasked to guard him. Sarvan shows excellent range, in addition to great skill play in the paint, and plays with a ferocious temperament. A new edition to the Team Loaded 757 family, Sarvan should quickly begin to see his stock rise this AAU season.

Dajour Rucker | 6’7 | Cape Henry Collegiate School | 2019
Offers: Hampton, Marshall, Richmond, James Madison, Old Dominion, Norfolk State
Dajour Rucker is a 6’7 do it all wingman. Rucker, known for his defensive intensity and ability to do it all, can shut you down on the defensive end, using his long length, and surprising quickness for his size. And then, on the offensive end, post you up, score from the perimeter, or take you off the dribble. He also has the three ball in his package, adding, additional unlimited range. An offensive genius, and a defensive nightmare, good luck trying to stop Rucker this spring/summer.

Khyree Temple | 6’5 | Phoebus High School | 2019
Offers: James Madison, Norfolk State, Hampton
Khyree Temple may be set to have the biggest spring/summer of any of the players on this “loaded” roster. Considered one of the most athletically explosive players in Virginia, the left handed wing man can do it all. Whether it’s scoring, assisting, or running the offense; Temple can be provided on to play any position. This young man is a unique talent, who in many eyes, is a high major talent. Coming off injury, and missing his junior season, Temple will have to remind a few just why he is considered one of the most athletic wings the state has to offer.

Danny Banister Jr. | 6’6 | Cape Henry Collegiate School | 2019
Offers: Hampton
Danny Bannister is a playmaker. Whether it be on the offensive or defensive end, he’s the type of kid who is just always showing up when needed. Taking charges, grabbing a big rebound, or taking a clutch shot.. and knocking it down, he is a stat stuffer for this Loaded 757 squad. Keep your eyes out for Bannister this season, he will make an impact in every game he plays in.

Antwan “AJ” Epps Jr | 6’1 | Bishop Sullivan Catholic School | 2019
Offers: Hampton, Southern, Georgia SouthwesternAJ Epps is regarded by many, as the best scoring PG in the Hampton Roads area. AJ has so much talent, it is hard to guess which version of him you will get on any given day. Taking on the roles of facilitator, scorer, or Mr. Clutch, he gives you what every coach would dream of in a point guard, which is every skill set. A very intelligent kid, with a high basketball IQ, Eppsplays hard on both ends of the floor, and when the game is on the line, who you want with the ball in his hands. AJ will do whatever to get the job done, a mindset that every player should have.

Tim Montgomery | 6’1 | Princess Anne High School | 2019
Offers: Norfolk State, Longwood, Mt. Saint Mary, Middle Tennessee
The 6’1 PG with explosive athleticism is not only just a highlight reel dunker, but has a basketball IQ comparable to Loaded alum, Frank Mason III. Montgomery does an excellent job of positioning teammates to make easy baskets, by moving defensive players with his court vision. He is a player that can, and is willing to jump the lane often, and quickly, and will finish on the offensive end aggressively after creating the turnover.

Caleb Dawkins | 6’2 | Grassfield High School | 2019
Offers: Norfolk State
The sharp shooting guard is highly regarded as one of the best shooters in the Hampton Roads. With the ability to score in bunches, the long armed shooter can shoot off the pick and roll, off the dribble, off the pass and shoot, or simply, create his own shot, and is very dangerous after he is in rhythm. Aggressive on the defensive end as well, jumping passes and getting out into transition, Dawkins should see his stock rise after a premier spring and summer.

Detionne “Daquan” Leach | 6’6 | Phoebus High School | 2019
Interest: Virginia State, Longwood, Hampton, Glenville State
Daquan Leach is a premier defender and shot blocker. He has the ability to take the opponent’s best player completely out of the game, whether it be via the wing or the post. On the offensive end, he gives you solid numbers, and is a walking double double machine. If you don’t know who Quan is now, I am positive you will by the end of this spring and summer.

Caleb Butts | 6’5 | Deep Creek High School | 2019
Offers: Longwood, Navy, Bluefield, Georgian Court, NC Wesleyan
Caleb Butts is the true definition of a Mr. Do It All. There isn’t much he cannot do on the court. He scores, rebounds, defends, and leads by example, the type of player every coach can only dream to have on their roster. What makes Butts so special, is he can score 30, or give you 30 rebounds, the ultimate glue for any team. He lead the Hampton Roads in public school scoring at 25.6ppg, and rebounds, averaging close to 16 per game.

Izeah Parker | 6’7 | Hopewell High School | 2019
Offers: Mt. Saint Mary, Campbell, Norfolk State, Hampton
Izeah Parker another long kid that gets it done on both ends of the floor. At 6’7, he shoots right over defenders, and is very aggressive getting to the basket, finishing through contact constantly. Defensively, he just makes plays, whether it’s blocking shots or snatching rebounds.. he does whatever it takes to be the complete teammate.

Zaiyen Chapman | 6’1 | Hampton High School | 2019
Interest: Longwood
Zaiyen Chapman is a defensive back on the basketball court. Yes, you read that right. The ball hawking defensive player of the year, averages 3.6 steals a game and also finishes above the rim. Does whatever he has to do to be the ultimate team player.