The Talent: Putnam City West vs Broken Arrow


Posted On: 03/2/18 11:41 PM

The game between Putnam City West and Broken Arrow lived up to the hype. Both teams showed up to the area final and the crowd was loud and proud. The game was tight throughout. The Tigers jumped out to an early lead and then they went back and forth until the half. The Tigers led at the half by nine but the Patriots came out on fire and cut the lead to two within the first minute. The Tigers responded well and kept their composure. Broken Arrow then caught the favor of some calls late in the fourth quarter as they advance to state with a 75-67 victory over Putnam City West.

Josh Robinson 2018 Broken Arrow Guard

Robinson had the game of his life. In arguably the biggest game they have had all season, The Tigers were willed to victory by a big performance by Robinson. Robinson tore up the Patriots in the first half. He did not slow down in the second half either. Robinson showed range that he had struggled with earlier in the season and showed confidence pulling up from 25+ feet away from the basket. Robinson could not miss. Everything he seemed to throw at the basket just went in. It was a big game for Robinson to show his clutch gene. If a JUCO can land Robinson, it will be a steal. Robinson finished the game with a game-high 38 points.

Caleb Huffman 2018 Broken Arrow Guard

Huffman played his part to perfection. Huffman was not the star tonight but that did not stop him from shining. He Played well throughout the night and even knocked down some big shots for the Tigers. Huffman complimented Robinson very well. They worked well together and if they play the way they did tonight, they will be the favorites going into the State Tournament. Huffman finished with 23 points on the night.

Camryn Dennis 2019 Broken Arrow Guard

Dennis continues to up his game throughout the season. The more Dennis plays the better he gets. He is using his experience and thriving. Dennis is vital to this Broken Arrow team and provides a balance to an already star-studded team. Dennis is a good slasher and gets tough buckets at the rim. Dennis finished the game with 11 points.

Rondel Walker 2020 Putnam City West Guard

Walker turned provider today as he was constantly finding the open man. He played the part of provider but also had a good contribution of scoring. The Patriots were spaced out on the offensive end with three players having 13 or more points. Walker attacked the basket well off the dribble and played solid defense. He finished the game with 13 points.

Tobias Roland 2021 Putnam City West Guard

Roland is one of the best freshmen in the state and he proved it. He faced arguably the best team in Class 6A and did not bat an eyelash. Roland went head to head with Josh Robinson for a majority of the night and did not let it affect him. He was taking the ball to the basket and finishing at the rim. Roland upped his already impressive game in the fourth when he played his best basketball. He stepped up and kept the Patriots in the game in the second half. He finished with a team-high 19 points.

Kalen Wade 2018 Putnam City West Guard

Wade outshined his other teammates tonight. On a team where anyone can star on any given night, Wade was the brightest shining star on this Patriot team against Broken Arrow. He showed up in the game where he was needed the most. Wade was making plays and leading the team. Wades finished the game 17 points.