Stock Riser Of The Year: Greg Gantt

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 03/30/18 4:57 PM

Over the years of scouting basketball at the high school level, I’ve seen some very interesting things happen when it comes to recruiting. In a business where college coaches can switch jobs at any given moment, things can get very interesting even if a player has already decided on what school they wish to attend. One of the most interesting aspects of recruiting is seeing players stock rise over a short amount of time, these players may go months or years without getting offers but eventually they get the opportunities that they deserve. This is the case for Trinity Christian Junior Forward Greg Gantt who is in his third season of playing varsity basketball for the Crusaders and has seen his stock rise in a tremendous way

Prior to the season he only held a few offers with the schools being smaller division one programs, which would be getting a steal if they were able to land Gantt. Throughout the season he played at a high level but still didn’t get a high amount of offers, that was until the John Wall Invitational in Raleigh, NC where he put everyone on notice with how special he truly can be. Greg played at a very high level, scoring the ball and rebounding at a high rate as well as showing the ability to play multiple positions on both ends of the floor. At 6’7 with a skillset that can truly classify him as a Point Forward, he would eventually take home ALL-Tournament honors but more importantly his performance allowed media members and colleges to see him more closely.

Offers have begun to come in at a very high level for Greg, some of the schools include: Providence, Florida, Cincy, Louisville, GA Tech, Clemson, UCONN and many more. His decision will be based on a lot of different aspects, some of the include a team with a family atmosphere as well as a program that is known for getting players to the pro basketball level. Whatever program gets Greg will be getting a young man that plays hard, works hard on and off the court and wants to be the best he can be every game.