STATE TOURNAMENT: Previewing Tuesday’s Action

High School

Posted On: 03/6/18 12:25 AM

2A Quarterfinal: No. 3 Van Meter (23-1) vs. No. 6 Cascade, Western Dubuque (23-1) — 9:30 a.m.

Analysis: These two teams with identical records square off in the final 2A quarterfinal game. The winner will get a chance at what was an impressive Sheldon squad, a game that will be tomorrow night at 8:15 p.m. Van Meter has the size and Cascade has the skill, both teams have the experience. Both were ousted in the quarterfinals last year. One of them will advance farther than they it did a season ago.

Players to Watch: Ryan Schmitt (36th in 2019), Grant Johnson (56th in 2018), Johnny Supple (60th in 2018), Haris Hoffman (64th in 2019)

Our Pick: Van Meter 48, Cascade 45


3A Quarterfinal: No. 1 Cedar Rapids Xavier (18-6) vs. No. 8 Marion (14-10) — 11:15 a.m.

Analysis: The Saints come in having won two straight state titles, and big pieces of both of those titles were Jackson Joens and Matthew Mims. Both are back, and they have an eye set on rarified air: three straight state titles. We don’t think eight-seed Marion is gonna be the team to dash those dreams.

Players to Watch: Jackson Joens (11th in 2018), Matthew Mims (9th in 2018), Chase Zielke (Marion)

Our Pick: Xavier 70, Marion 50


3A Quarterfinal: No. 4 Glenwood (22-2) vs No. 5 Norwalk (22-2) — 1:00

Analysis: These four vs five games are always fun, and this one should live up to the hype. The only unfortunate part, is that one of these two ultra-talented teams will be making an early exit. Norwalk has perhaps the best backcourt in the field, with Bowen Born and Luke Vaske. Glenwood has a very good three guard set themselves with Zach Carr, Christian Stanislav and Nate Mohr. 

Players to Watch: Luke Vaske (10th in 2018), Bowen Born (3rd in 2020), Christian Stanislav (26th in 2019), Nate Mohr (21st in 2019), Andrew Blum (44th in 2018)

Our Pick: Norwalk 77, Glenwood 75


3A Quarterfinal: No. 2 Mount Pleasant (21-3) vs. No. 7 Waverly-Shell Rock (18-6)2:45 p.m.

Analysis: Mount Pleasant undoubtedly still has a bitter taste in its mouth after an early exit in last year’s state tourney. The Panthers lost that one to eventual champ Cedar Rapids Xavier, and you can bet they’re hoping to see the Saints again, but in the state title game this time around. The Go-Hawks stand in the way, they beat a very good Charles City squad by 12 to get into the state tourney.

Players to Watch: Brady Sartorius (18th in 2018), Jordan Magnani (95th in 2018), Luke Velky (96th in 2019), Mosai Newson (105th in 2019)

Our Pick: Mount Pleasant 76, Waverly-Shell Rock 64


3A Quarterfinal: No. 3 Oskaloosa (21-3) vs No. 6 Sergeant Bluff-Luton (15-9) — 4:15 p.m. 

Analysis: Although the Indians of Oskaloosa fell on some relatively hard times during the latter part of the season, there’s no reason to believe that their ultra-talented group doesn’t have as good of a chance as anyone to win this tourney. Sergeant Bluff-Luton stands in the way, they’ve won nine straight after a middling 6-9 start to the season. This could be a good one.

Players to Watch: Xavier Foster (1st in 2020), Jarad Kruse (49th in 2018), Spencer Tucker (111th in 2018), Jeremiah BorKhat (130th in 2018), Conner Groves (48th in 2019)

Our Pick: Oskaloosa 64, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 59


4A Quarterfinal: No.1 Iowa City West (19-4) vs No. 8 Muscatine (16-8)6:30 p.m.

Analysis: This will have a very Hawkeyes feel. Muscatine’s Joe Wieskamp will be a Hawkeye next season (lucky for Iowa fans), and Iowa City West’s Patrick McCaffery will be in Iowa City two seasons from now. They are both the top-ranked prospects in their classes (Wieskamp 2018, MxCaffery 2019); and what’s best, is they very well may be gaurding each other for much of the game.

Players to Watch: Patrick McCaffery (1st in 2019), Dante Eldridge (72nd in 2019), Seybian Sims (22nd in 2018), Hakeem Odunsi (23rd in 2018), Jake Anderson (68th in 2018), Dadrian Hoambrecker (71st in 2018), Evan Flitz (65th in 2018), Joe Wieskamp (1st in 2018)

Our Pick: Iowa City West 69, Muscatine 58


4A Quarterfinal: No. 4 Waukee (19-4) vs No. 5 Johnston (20-3) 8:15 p.m.

Analysis: Just like all the other four vs five games, it’s a shame one of these teams has to be gone after the first round. Waukee is immensely talented with three possible D1 prospects in their starting lineup. Johnston beat Hoover by 20 and then Des Moines North one week later to end their season as hot as any team in Iowa. This will be one of the more interesting games of the week.

Players to Watch: Nathan Johnson (7th in 2018), Noah Hart (10th in 2019), Dylan Jones (11th in 2019), Camden Vander Zwaag (15th in 2018), Peyton Williams (27th in 2019), Boston Grimes (179th in 2018)

Our Pick: Johnston 51, Waukee 50