Spring Preview: 2021 Top Point Guards


Posted On: 03/19/18 8:22 AM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2021 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top point guards in the 2021 class.

# Prospect HT POS High School
1 Jalen Blackmon 5’10 PG Marion
2 Khristian Lander 5’9 PG Evansville Reitz
3 Gus Etchison 5’11 PG Hamilton Heights
4 Lane Sparks 5’11 PG Greensburg
5 Luke Brown 5’10 PG Blackford
6 Quimari Peterson 5’10 PG Gary West
7 Luke Lacey 6’0 PG Brownsburg
8 Luka Balac 6’0 PG Munster
9 Max Grimes 6’2 PG Lafayette Jeff
10 Sean Black 5’9 PG Warren Central
11 Mason Gonzales 6’0 PG Franklin Central
12 Brenden Lytle 5’11 PG Bishop Dwenger
13 Vincent Brady 6’1 PG Lawrence North
14 Naylon Thompson 5’11 PG Bishop Luers
15 Ashton Beaver 6’0 PG Lafayette Jeff
16 Max Jacobsen 6’1 PG Harrison
17 Brycen Graber 6’1 PG Barr-Reeve
18 Joseph Phinisee 6’0 PG McCutcheon
19 Colton Jones 6’1 PG Valparaiso
20 Weston Hamby 5’11 PG Manchester
21 Caleb Swearingen 6’0 PG Northview

Breakdown: The class of 2021 early on looks stellar.  Where you have some really dynamic positions is with the bigs but the guards are right up there. Jalen Blackmon leading the way gives you the name value and high-end talent to make it start off strong. Where it picks up is with the next four we have listed as Khristian Lander should be the face of Evansville for a while, Gus Etchison is about as fun a player you can watch, Lane Sparks will reinvigorate the Greensburg area, and Luke Brown is coming for that 2,000 Career Point mark.

There will be a ton of different storylines to watch but the players are really talented and that is what will driving this class. It is way too early to really deem players DI or not but you do have a few at the top that are pretty close to locks.

As for other characteristics of this group, take a look at the amount of pure point guards. While it hasn’t been something we have seen in a while guys like Quimari Peterson, Luke Lacey, Sean Black, Mason Gonzales, Brenden Lytle are all really high up there.  They all have the ability to grow and be more of a floor leader than maybe a scoring guard adding some variety to the group.

Now, there are a ton of good scoring guards and they are really, really good. Blackmon being the one dominant player but there are others that we really like with Lane Sparks, Luke Brown, Vincent Brady, and Gus Etchison.

When looking at those guys we are making a point to see this summer, Brycen Graber, Naylon Thompson, Luka Balac, Khristian Lander, and Quimari Peterson are up there. Got a little bit of a view this year but they are the most interesting in terms of development.