Spring Preview: 2020 Top Small Forwards


Posted On: 03/21/18 8:13 AM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2020 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top small forwards in the 2020 class.

# First Last Name HT POS High School
1 Chris Grubbs 6’4 SF Hamilton Southeastern
2 Tre Coleman 6’5 SF Jeffersonville
3 Andrew Welage 6’4 SF Greensburg
4 Julien Hunter 6’4 SF New Albany
5 Anthony Scales 6’4 SF Zionsville
6 Deontae Craig 6’4 SF Culver Academies
7 Dillon Duff 6’4 SF Fort Wayne Snider
8 Jerrian Owsley 6’4 SF Ben Davis
9 DeMarcus Vaughn 6’3 SF South Bend Washington
10 Jylen Petty 6’4 SF South Bend Washington
11 Dillon Ware 6’5 SF Danville
12 David Baker 6’4 SF Indianapolis Scecina
13 Harrison Truitt 6’4 SF West Lafayette
14 Harrison Eckel 6’4 SF Heritage Christian
15 Justin DeGraaf 6’4 SF Center Grove
16 Will Geiger 6’4 SF Norwell
17 Hunter Bruce 6’4 SF Boonville
18 Kyle Shank 6’3 SF Hamilton Southeastern
19 Caleb Tidd 6’4 SF Center Grove
20 Brandon Baber 6’4 SF Jac-Cen-Del
21 Colton Monday 6’4 SF Shenandoah
22 Sam Richey 6’3 SF Bishop Chatard

Breakdown: With the class of Small Forwards in 2020, there aren’t a ton of them. Only 22 guys fit that mold right now and we don’t have a lot of depth with them. The breakdown like we did in the other positions is as such: HM-MM (1-3), LM-DII (4-6), DII-NAIA (7-12), NAIA-DIII (13-22).

This is the group I probably feel most confident about in terms of where each player fits with level but even so, there are seven guys I can see being way wrong on. As of right now they look like the fit but those seven could really change the whole look of this group.  Again, trying to get it right at the end of their careers, not as concerned right now.

One of the big aspects of this class is the lack of DII level players. Many could jump up into that range with some big summers but right now it doesn’t look good. Same as with the shooting guards as there are many DI guys and then high-end NAIA talent.  Not a lot of pure DII fits.  However, the DIII group looks outstanding with some really fun names to see later on down the road.

Among those guys I want to get a better look at, I would like a longer look at Harrison Truitt, so long as he chooses basketball over football, Will Geiger, Justin DeGraaf, Jylen Petty, and DeMarcus Vaughn. The South Bend Washington guys I didn’t get to see this year and I’m really intrigued because they could be better than I saw last time.