Posted On: 03/20/18 8:10 AM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2020 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top shooting guards in the 2020 class.

# First Last Name HT POS High School
1 Trey Galloway 6’2 SG Culver Academies
2 Anthony Leal 6’3 SG Bloomington South
3 Tony Perkins 6’4 SG Lawrence North
4 D’Andre Davis 6’3 SG Lawrence Central
5 Brayton Bailey 6’2 SG Bedford North Lawrence
6 Jake Wadding 6’4 SG Chesterton
7 Garrott Ott-Large 6’2 SG LaPorte
8 Jack Townsend 6’2 SG Bloomington North
9 Jordan Stolle 6’3 SG Richmond
10 Sam Comer 6’4 SG Danville
11 Carson Barrett 6’3 SG Lafayette Central Catholic
12 Victor Young 6’2 SG Muncie Central
13 Johnell Davis 6’1 SG Gary 21st Century
14 Robert Farrell 6’2 SG McCutcheon
15 Alex Szilagyi 6’0 SG Fishers
16 Avery Beaver 6’0 SG Lafayette Jeff
17 Jamari London 6’1 SG Ben Davis
18 Justin Long 6’1 SG Fishers
19 Carson Burtron 6’1 SG Lebanon
20 Isaac Farnsworth 6’1 SG Fort Wayne Snider
21 Jake Archbold 6’1 SG Homestead
22 Josh Shannon 6’3 SG Ben Davis
23 Jay Higgins 6’3 SG Brebeuf Jesuit
24 Logan Graddy 6’1 SG Greenfield-Central
25 Nick Schiavello 6’4 SG Columbus North
26 Justin Fickling 6’3 SG South Knox
27 Josh Smith 6’3 SG Monrovia
28 Dorean Hatton 6’1 SG Indianapolis Scecina
29 Kip Fougerousse 6’3 SG Linton-Stockton
30 Hunter Huffine 6’0 SG Cathedral

Breakdown: Like we did with the point guards, we will provide a quick look at a general breakdown in the tiers of talent here. These will assuredly change by the time this even gets posted but the idea is to see the general numbers.  HM-MM (1-4), LM-DII (5-8), DII-NAIA (9-22), NAIA-DIII (23-30).

This group is a bit more built towards DI or NAIA.  The top four guys are really, really good and you could make that argument for Brayton Bailey as well.  However, those sure fire DII kids with a chance to bump up to DI look thin. Only a handful of guys fit in that tier.  NAIA will have a ton of options and some of them are really good for that level. I think level really matters with success. Look at a guy like Kyle Mangas for Indiana Wesleyan. Didn’t really fit the DII style and did have some DI looks but he took a high-end NAIA offer and is now playing in the NAIA National Championship as a star player for them.  But he probably wouldn’t have been the case had he take a bad DI offer just for the sake of being a DI player. Being good is better than being bad, always.

Where this group of talent really stands out is with their quality of players. Guys like Carson Barrett, Robert Farrell, Alex Szilagyi, Jake Wadding, and Trey Galloway are just really good basketball players. Not all are flashy but they are just good.  They will do more than score the ball and impact the game in all areas.

Another thing of note here is the size. There isn’t a ton of it. You have your standard 6’0-6’2 but beyond that there aren’t a lot of elite sized 2-guards right now. Galloway is probably past that 6’2 mark as is Wadding and Davis but not many others. That is likely going to change as players get older but just a thing to watch develop with who and how many.

As for guys I’m watching to get a better feel for, I want to see what Isaac Farnsworth looks like as well as Justin Long, Johnell Davis, and Garrott Ott-Large.  They are all guys that I want to see their development and just get a better feel for them and their games.