Spring Preview: 2020 Top Power Forwards


Posted On: 03/22/18 8:16 AM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2020 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top power forwards in the 2020 class.

# First Last Name HT POS High School
1 Raymond Terry 6’8 PF Bowman Academy
2 Keegan O’Neill 6’8 PF Barr-Reeve
3 Malek Edmonds 6’5 PF Brownsburg
4 Triston Ross 6’5 PF Pendleton Heights
5 Kadaphi Honaker 6’4 PF Park Tudor
6 Charlie Peterson 6’6 PF North Central
7 John Stroke 6’6 PF North Central
8 Bailey Conrad 6’6 PF Christian Academy
9 Cleevas Craig 6’5 PF Fort Wayne Concordia
10 Mitchell Wirts 6’4 PF Indianapolis Homeschool Wildcats
11 Drew Byerly 6’3 PF Franklin Community
12 Eli Keiser 6’6 PF Rossville
13 Jack Copenhaver 6’4 PF Floyd Central
14 Kapil Reddy 6’3 PF Terre Haute South
15 Daniel Asher 6’5 PF Indianapolis Roncalli
16 Jeff Hemmelgarn 6’5 PF Penn

Breakdown: The class of 2020 with regards to size and the post positions just isn’t great at the top end. There isn’t anyway to cover it up right now and looking at the tier breakdown, the power forward spots kind of tell the tale right now. HM-MM (0), LM-DII (1), DII-NAIA (2-6), NAIA-DIII (7-16).

Now this could change a bunch at the top end as we see who Raymond Terry looks and a guy like Charlie Peterson could come on and jump a level or two but there isn’t many as it stands today.  Down the line, NAIA has a few options but O’Neill, Edmonds, Honaker, Ross, Peterson, and Craig have a chance to be really good and I would guess a few will end up being too high for them.

The class just doesn’t produce a ton outside of point guards in this particular year and that is what we are looking at. The biggest concern with this group of power forward is that there isn’t a for sure DI kid. Terry is the closest but this is a big summer for him to get his name out there.

There also isn’t a ton of guys that can become better but of those I’m looking forward to seeing, Charlie Peterson, Cleevas Craig, Eli Keiser, and Daniel Asher are those that I need better looks at. They are all interesting prospects that I feel like I could be low on but with only so many chances to watch players, you sometimes have long periods in between live viewings.