Spring Preview: 2020 Southwest’s Best


Posted On: 03/16/18 8:00 AM

Something new we are looking at this year is looking at different regions or quadrants in the state. There are many areas and hotbeds of talent in the state and we want to take a little bit more of a microscope to them to see what the nuances of the state will produce in each class. This is our look at Region 4 in Southwest Indiana.

# Prospect HT POS High School
1 Anthony Leal 6’3 SG Bloomington South
2 Kiyron Powell 6’9 C Evansville Bosse
3 Brayton Bailey 6’2 SG Bedford North Lawrence
4 Jack Townsend 6’2 SG Bloomington North
5 Keegan O’Neill 6’8 PF Barr-Reeve
6 Cade Graham 6’0 PG Evansville Memorial
7 Noah Jager 5’8 PG Bloomington South
8 Noah Hupmann 6’10 C Evansville Day
9 Hunter Bruce 6’4 SF Boonville
10 Turner Royal 5’11 PG Bloomfield
11 Justin Fickling 6’3 SG South Knox
12 Walker McCrary 6’6 C South Knox
13 Kolten Sanford 5’8 PG Evansville North
14 Mar’Quan Givens 5’11 PG Evansville Reitz
15 Kapil Reddy 6’3 PF Terre Haute South
16 Kip Fougerousse 6’3 SG Linton-Stockton

Breakdown: The class of 2020 in Southern Indiana is better than in Northern Indiana. That is actually how it will be in 2020 and 2021. This Southwestern group will be a fun group to watch as they have quite a few to move into that DI level. Leal, Powell, and Bailey are there now but Hupmann, if he can put it together, has a chance as well as Townsend.  This could be a strong group.

While not very deep, these are all college players. Fougerousse is a really good shooter with size and Kapil is a developing post who should still grow a bit.  There are guys up and down the list and there should be some more to join as we go through the summer.

Another aspect of the group is the guys with upside. There are a ton of them. From Leal to Powell to Hupmann.  Even looking into guys like Bailey and Townsend to a little lesser extent. I think the development of those two big men is the key to making this an outstanding class for SW Indiana.

As for the overall prospective of the group, there is a lot to like and it is the best region outside of Indianapolis with the most amount of guys who could be between the DII and LM space.  It has some size up top and has guys that can really score the ball at all levels.  It does lack wings but guards and bigs are taken care of.