Spring Preview: 2020 Southeast’s Best


Posted On: 03/16/18 8:01 AM

Something new we are looking at this year is looking at different regions or quadrants in the state. There are many areas and hotbeds of talent in the state and we want to take a little bit more of a microscope to them to see what the nuances of the state will produce in each class. This is our look at Region 5 in Southeast Indiana.

# Prospect HT POS High School
1 Tre Coleman 6’5 SF Jeffersonville
2 Andrew Welage 6’4 SF Greensburg
3 Julien Hunter 6’4 SF New Albany
4 Jacob Jones 5’8 PG Jeffersonville
5 Nick Schiavello 6’4 SG Columbus North
6 Bailey Conrad 6’6 PF Christian Academy
7 Jason Morton 6’8 C Lawrenceburg
8 Jacob Brown 6’6 C Connersville
9 Brandon Baber 6’4 SF Jac-Cen-Del
10 Drew Byerly 6’3 PF Franklin Community
11 Jack Copenhaver 6’4 PF Floyd Central

Breakdown: With respect to the Southeast, it looks like it lines up as the third or fourth best region in the state. It has a few high end talents with Coleman, Welage, and Hunter but it just doesn’t have enough players overall. Not surprising though as it is usually the worst region for talent in the state. They usually get a good player or two from the Louisville Metropolitan area, which it does. And it also gets a guy or two from the Greensburg/Batesville area, which it does. Beyond that, there aren’t any other hotbeds.

This area does usually produce some quality DIII guys and can have some high upside guys every once in a while too. The majority of this group will play in those DIII programs but could be really, really good there. Love the small school prospects of Jacob Brown and Bailey Conrad.

The top three are pretty locked in and barring a big change this summer, they should probably stay in that order.  However, 4-7 look like they could move around this summer and their development is more interesting as Schiavello has grown taller, Conrad is more of an unknown to most, and Jacob Jones is coming off a great high school season.

Overall, this group isn’t great throughout but they have two or three studs at the top and that will carry them through the summer.  Development is key for this group to contend with the others as many have the ability to get better but they just aren’t a lot of them in general.