Spring Preview: 2020 Northwest’s Best


Posted On: 03/15/18 9:15 PM

Something new we are looking at this year is looking at different regions or quadrants in the state. There are many areas and hotbeds of talent in the state and we want to take a little bit more of a microscope to them to see what the nuances of the state will produce in each class. This is our look at Region 1 in Northwest Indiana.

# Prospect HT POS High School
1 Trey Galloway 6’2 SG Culver Academies
2 Jake Wadding 6’4 SG Chesterton
3 Garrott Ott-Large 6’2 SG LaPorte
4 Raymond Terry 6’8 PF Bowman Academy
5 Carson Barrett 6’3 SG Lafayette Central Catholic
6 Deontae Craig 6’4 SF Culver Academies
7 Nick Hittle 6’9 C Culver Academies
8 Johnell Davis 6’1 SG Gary 21st Century
9 Rowen Farrell 6’2 SG McCutcheon
10 DeMarcus Vaughn 6’3 SF South Bend Washington
11 Jylen Petty 6’4 SF South Bend Washington
12 Avery Beaver 6’0 SG Lafayette Jeff
13 Josh Davis 5’9 PG Munster
14 Harrison Truitt 6’4 SF West Lafayette
15 Matt Jones 6’7 C Lafayette Jeff
16 Eli Keiser 6’6 PF Rossville
17 Tyler Boyle 5’11 PG West Lafayette
18 Jeff Hemmelgarn 6’5 PF Penn
19 Karlen Coker 5’9 PG Bowman Academy

Breakdown: As we begin with our look at the class of 2020 in the Northwest part of the state, this might be the strongest it has been in some time.  Trey Galloway is the best player in the state and he leads this group with ease.  However, the next tier down is deep with Jake Wadding all the way down to Jylen Petty.  There is quite a bit of talent littered through out the 19 players listed and it has quite a few trends in it.

Size is a big one as the class itself doesn’t have a ton of it but Raymond Terry, Nick Hittle, Matt Jones, and Eli Keiser give you some options to look at.  They also have a good amount of size with their wings.  Galloway is obviously tops but Wadding, Deontae Craig, Jylen Petty, and Harrison Truitt are all over 6’4.

Where this group lacks is locked up DI talent and guards.  Galloway is the only for sure guy right now. They have plenty that could play themselves up there like Wadding, Ott-Large, Terry, Craig, Hittle, and Davis but the story might be more set after the summer.  This group also is missing a healthy dose of guards, specifically point guards.  Only Karlen Coker, Tyler Boyle, Josh Davis can be listed under that title and none are in the Top 12 right now. Davis is the one that could jump forward though.

This area will be good for small schools looking for shooters. Garrott Ott-Large, Rowen Farrell, and Avery Beaver are all really good shooters. They could move out of range for the schools but worth an early look.  Not to mention, they also have Galloway putting four of the top ten shooters on our list in here.