Spring Preview: 2020 Northeast’s Best


Posted On: 03/15/18 9:16 PM

Something new we are looking at this year is looking at different regions or quadrants in the state. There are many areas and hotbeds of talent in the state and we want to take a little bit more of a microscope to them to see what the nuances of the state will produce in each class. This is our look at Region 2 in Northeast Indiana.

# Prospect HT POS High School
1 Tayson Parker 6’0 PG Northwestern
2 Jordan Stolle 6’3 SG Richmond
3 Rickie Wedlow 5’11 PG Richmond
4 Jeremy Baker 6’1 PG Kokomo
5 Victor Young 6’2 SG Muncie Central
6 Dillon Duff 6’4 SF Fort Wayne Snider
7 Mitchell Wilson 5’11 PG Columbia City
8 Isaac Farnsworth 6’1 SG Fort Wayne Snider
9 Hayden Jones 5’11 PG East Noble
10 Jake Archbold 6’1 SG Homestead
11 Will Geiger 6’4 PF Norwell
12 Jakylen Thomas 5’6 PG Marion
13 Jalen Causey 5’10 PG Fort Wayne North
14 Cleevas Craig 6’5 PF Fort Wayne Concordia
15 Jordan Moore 5’9 PG Fort Wayne North
16 Camron Knott 6’0 PG Hamilton Heights
17 Colton Monday 6’4 SF Shenandoah
18 Nick Williams 6’5 C Daleville
19 Zak Krueger 5’11 PG Homestead
20 Alex Stauffer 6’5 C Northridge
21 Evan Kytta 6’6 C Fort Wayne Northrop

Breakdown: While the Northwest part of the state lacked guards, the Northeast does not. They are stacked with options and plenty of them at a high level.  That is the biggest takeaway from the group.  Of the 21 listed here, 14 are guards and Tayson Parker, Jordan Stolle, Rickie Wedlow, Jeremy Baker, and Victor Young are really good options with DII or higher teams.

There isn’t a ton of size in this group. They actually have a lot of undersized guys that are tweeters or wings with Dillon Duff, Will Geiger, and Cleevas Craig. Geiger and Craig are probably more forward but neither are really tall yet.  Down the list there are more options for forwards but you have the same size issues with Evan Kytta, Alex Stauffer, and Nick Williams.

As we talked about earlier, toughness is prevalent in the Fort Wayne area.  Jakylen Thomas, Isaac Farnsworth, Jake Archbold, and Dillon Duff were among the better ones we had.  To a little lesser extent, Jordan Moore and Rickie Wedlow would fit in this category as well.

There isn’t a ton of top end talent either with only Tayson Parker as the only sure fire DI talent.  However, there is a ton more depth that will be there to challenge for those DI offers. The high-end NAIA guys are there as well and you have some guys as well that really fit DIII style of play.  Will need to see more of these guys develop but I think you will see more fit in the high-end NAIA to DII level than DI.