Posted On: 03/15/18 9:18 PM

Something new we are looking at this year is looking at different regions or quadrants in the state. There are many areas and hotbeds of talent in the state and we want to take a little bit more of a microscope to them to see what the nuances of the state will produce in each class. This is our look at Region 3 in Central Indiana.

# Prospect HT POS High School
1 Mabor Majak 7’1 C Hamilton Southeastern
2 Chris Grubbs 6’4 SF Hamilton Southeastern
3 Michael Saunders Jr. 5’10 PG Lawrence North
4 Tony Perkins 6’4 SG Lawrence North
5 D’Andre Davis 6’4 SG Lawrence Central
6 Brevin Jefferson 6’1 PG Southport
7 Nijel Pack 6’0 PG Lawrence Central
8 SinCere McMahon 6’0 PG Indianapolis Tindley
9 Hunter Jackson 5’10 PG Arsenal Tech
10 Edreece Redmond II 5’10 PG Bishop Chatard
11 Brandon Bell 6’1 PG Mt. Vernon-Fortville
12 Grant Taueg 6’0 PG Cathedral
13 Anthony Scales 6’4 SF Zionsville
14 Sam Comer 6’4 SG Danville
15 Jerrian Owsley 6’4 SF Ben Davis
16 Malek Edmonds 6’5 PF Brownsburg
17 Max Gizzi 6’0 PG New Palestine
18 Alex Szilagyi 6’0 PG Fishers
19 Jamari London 6’1 SG Ben Davis
20 Dillon Ware 6’5 SF Danville
21 Triston Ross 6’5 PF Pendleton Heights
22 Syrr Gibbs 5’10 PG Warren Central
23 Kadaphi Honaker 6’4 SF Park Tudor
24 Justin Long 6’1 SG Fishers
25 Charlie Peterson 6’6 PF North Central
26 David Baker 6’4 SF Indianapolis Scecina
27 Harrison Eckel 6’4 SF Heritage Christian
28 Gunnar Vannatta 6’8 C Zionsville
29 Carson Burtron 6’1 SG Lebanon
30 Justin DeGraaf 6’4 SF Center Grove
31 Kenny Tracy 6’0 PG Decatur Central
32 Josh Shannon 6’3 SG Ben Davis
33 Jay Higgins 6’3 SF Brebeuf Jesuit
34 Logan Graddy 6’1 SG Greenfield-Central
35 John Stroke 6’6 PF North Central
36 Bradley Beemon 6’0 PG Hamilton Southeastern
37 Jackson Jannsen 5’8 PG Carmel
38 Josh Smith 6’3 SG Monrovia
39 Mitchell Wirts 6’4 PF Ind. Homeschool Wildcats
40 Kyle Shank 6’3 SF Hamilton Southeastern
41 Caleb Tidd 6’4 SF Center Grove
42 Dorean Hatton 6’1 SG Indianapolis Scecina
43 Gavin Dowling 6’4 C Greenwood
44 Noah Shook 5’11 PG Ind. Homeschool Wildcats
45 Joe Martin 6’1 PG Carmel
46 Daniel Asher 6’5 PF Indianapolis Roncalli
47 Vincent Pich 6’1 PG Beech Grove
48 Bobby Fry 5’9 PG Carmel
49 Sam Richey 6’3 SF Bishop Chatard
50 Connor Hole 5’11 PG Western Boone
51 Rico Wilson 5’9 PG Tri-West
52 Hunter Huffine 6’0 SG Cathedral
53 Brice Langford 6’7 C Perry Meridian

Breakdown: As it is with every class, the Central part of the state will house the most talent. Not always necessarily the best but the majority of it.  In this group, as we look through it, there aren’t a lot of lock down DI talent in any part of the state and right now that is the case for Central Indiana as well.  Obviously there are guys like Mabor Majak, Chris Grubbs and down all the way to Nijel Pack but beyond that I don’t know that you can say there are many for sure guys.  They will develop and that should happen this summer for a good chunk of them.

It is also the home for most of the top guards in the state.  There is a real lack of size in this class but the best of the best guards are here in Indianapolis.  Saunders, Pack, Jackson, and Jefferson are just a few of the top end guys but even down to Beemon, Shannon, and and Tracy you have guys that have a lot of upside. Being listed even further down this list just goes to show the depth at that area this year.

Another aspect of this current group from Central Indiana is the lack of DII level guys. I think there are a bunch of players that are stuck between being high-level NAIA guys and DI guys. With only DII programs in-state, there are only a select few types of players with a high enough skill level that will fit for those teams and there just aren’t a bunch in this group.

Overall, this is a solid group but as the Indianapolis area goes, so does the class and this group just isn’t special. Good talent at the top with a bunch of guys that could develop but not many and the lack of DII type players has to