Spring Preview: 2020 Breakout Prospects


Posted On: 03/14/18 11:50 AM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2020 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top breakout candidates in the 2020 class.

Prospect HT POS High School
Noah Hupmann 6’10 C Evansville Day
Charlie Peterson 6’6 PF North Central
Victor Young 6’2 SG Muncie Central
Deontae Craig 6’4 SF Culver Academies
Jake Wadding 6’4 SG Chesterton
Nijel Pack 6’0 PG Lawrence Central
Brevin Jefferson 6’1 PG Southport
D’Andre Davis 6’3 SG Lawrence Central
Tony Perkins 6’4 SG Lawrence North
Tre Coleman 6’5 SF Jeffersonville

Breakdown: The class of 2020 is one where there are going to be a lot of names that come to the forefront over the next year. It isn’t riddled with talent at the top right now but as sure as it is every year, guys will rise to become breakout stars and this summer could be a big one for this group to put some legitimacy there.

When we look at some of the more interesting names we have to look at Brevin Jefferson and D’Andre Davis.  Jefferson has grown in the last year and now over 6’0, he looks like he could be a really solid player because he’s also improved that jumper. Still more passive than assertive but the skill is there and he could really jump forward.  Davis looks like his confidence has really come to him now and he has the green light with his jumper that he can make and create at any spot on the floor.

A couple wings that also could be fun this summer will be Tre Coleman and Jake Wadding. Wadding is a favorite of mine and has the length and skill with some toughness that seems to always produce good prospects.  He’s going to have to show he can score more but he is right there. Coleman is probably the closest of all of these guys in terms of actually breaking out. He’s a special player with size and ball handling ability.

There isn’t a ton of size in this class but Charlie Peterson and Noah Hupmann are two to watch. Hupmann has quite a ways to go but with bigs, this is the time when it can start to click for them.  It might take a bit of time but if he does click it together, he could be really good.  Peterson is that stretch forward who might just need AAU to really show what he can do. The high school season wasn’t great for anyone at North Central but Peterson’s skill set is intriguing.

Victor Young, Nijel Pack, Tony Perkins, and Deontae Craig are the other four that round out this group and they are really right there in terms of breakout potential. Perkins is another that is so close to being a household name but with Lawrence North being so saturated with talent, AAU could showcase him better. Craig has gotten a bit taller and if he ever gets to 6’5, I’m putting a lot of money on him being a special player.  Pack has gotten taller as well and he’s so craft and creative with his scoring, he’s one of the best guards in the state and I’m starting to buy in more.  Victor is a guy that is right there as well. Good guard who played for a Muncie Central team and he was successful this year.  He might just need more exposure on the circuit.