Posted On: 03/28/18 10:00 AM

The Open Division State Title certainly didn’t disappoint as these two goliaths faced off in a heated contest for the crown. With both teams favoring an uptempo game, the highlights were plentiful as the players were able to demonstrate jaw dropping athletic ability, flashy passing, and a desire to compete that kept fans out of their seats. Let’s take a glimpse at big name players that gave us such an exciting spectacle.


Xavion Brown (Sheldon), 6’1, 2020

The youngster really put on a show under the bright lights as his highly developed change of speed made him an unguardable force during the course of the game. He already shows strong court vision as he finds teammates with ease. The ferocity he plays with makes him an elite shot blocker, rebounder and defender. Lastly, this kid may be a point guard, but he plays bigger than his body as he has no problem dunking on the heads of every defender in his way.


Duane Washington (Sierra Canyon), 6’4, 2018

The designated sniper for his team, Duane shows an elite ability to create his own a team shot at anytime from various angles. When he isn’t launching three point bombs from deep, he shows a sneaky athleticism that allows him to play above the rim at a moments notice.


Dale Currie (Sheldon), 6’1, 2018

The very definition of a very skilled scorer, Dale’s fearless mindset keeps him on the attack as his physicality let’s him get into the paint at will. This is where he shows off his vintage spin move that helps him finish in traffic or find open teammates. His defense fuels his offensive fire power as he can heat up quickly from the perimeter.


Cassius Stanley (Sierra Canyon), 6’8, 2019

The matchup nightmare has a polished post game and an ability to attack the basket whenever he feels like it. He has a smooth athleticism  that lets him play well above the rim. Watch our for him in transition as he sprints the lane in transition where he finishes despite contact.


Dom Johnson (Sheldon), 6’2, 2019

Here is a player that finishes in the paint as well as anyone in the state. Hanging in the air despite contact, he shows off an impressive array of layups. When he isn’t being instant offense, he displays an underrated passing ability and is also an excellent defender who enjoys taking charges.


Kenyon Martin Jr (Sierra Canyon), 6’7, 2019

An elite defender who knows how to stay vertical when blocking or altering shots. His presence and I.Q. made offensive players hesitate everytime they tried to attack the paint. When he wasn’t patrolling the paint or calling out pick and rolls, he was sealing defenders under the rim for easy buckets inside.


Kaito Williams (Sheldon), 6’2, 2019

The high flying southpaw is a great slasher especially on the fastbreak. Shooting ability from deep opens up his talent for finishing above the rim. Watch out for him on the defensive end where loves to pressure and trap at all times.