Semi-State: Evansville Bosse vs. Danville

High School

Posted On: 03/18/18 7:45 PM

In what ended up being a battle at the end of the game, the matchup between Danville and Evansville Bosse started off being called tight and three fouls including a tech for Alec Burton you thought might have been the end of Danville’s chances.

Burton is such a big part of Danville’s offense and he had 8 points in the first quarter and gave them an early lead. Bosse was able to spread things out a bit and had Jaylin Chinn really going to work with his mid-range jumper.  Bosse took the lead back right before half.

However, the second half of the game really changed things as the refs started to allow a more physical game and the two teams caught on to that pretty quick.  Burton and Mekhi Lairy for Bosse started really going at it. Things started to get chippy and it was back and forth the rest of the game.

Bosse got up by at least seven points before Danville finally was able to attack the paint more and Alec Burton just went crazy for a stretch. However, in the final quarter Bosse was in control and it wasn’t going to let up at the end as they advanced, 64-61.

Best Offensive Player: Jaylin Chinn (Evansville Bosse)
Really thought Chinn was the best all-around offensive player in this game. He was excellent shooting the ball in the mid-range and didn’t really make many mistakes. His efficiency was key to help balance out those runs when Lairy and others were struggling against Danville’s size. Chinn looked as good as I’ve ever seen him in this one.

Best Defensive Player: Alec Burton (Danville)
Burton was stellar and really him and Ware together in the post made it way too difficult for Bosse at times. Had foul trouble not acted up early on, he probably would have been an even bigger impact in this game.  The physicality he played with really slowed down Bosse’s speed and didn’t allow them to give up points at the rim every other possession.

Biggest Surprise: Inconsistency Of Calls
The biggest pain from this game was the difference in calls from the first half to the second. I’m all for consistency. Consistently bad or consistently good, it doesn’t matter just allow the players to adjust.  Had they been tight all game, this would have been a bigger Bosse win. Had they been more like the second half, Danville likely wins this game.  The physicality favored them and changing the mentality at halftime wasn’t really fair to either team.

Top Scorers:
Alec Burton (Danville) – 29 points
Mekhi Lairy (Evansville Bosse) – 27 points






Evansville Bosse 15 30 51 64
Danville 18 28 44 61