Section 5AAAA Semi-Finals: The Standouts

High School

Posted On: 03/14/18 3:43 PM

Osseo and Park Center earned their way to the section title game with victories on Tuesday night.  NHR was in the crowd observing the games and talked about the standouts today in Section 5AAAA Semi-Finals Standouts.

The Five Standouts

Emmette Page of Osseo.  The senior had a tough first half but put together a second half that has led his team to the section final.  Emmette has become a physical, confident player.  It’s not just the jumper – which is really good – but last night Page made his impact attacking the Rebel cracks of the defense and Page physically turned the corner and took contact while finishing. Emmette had two crucial attacking And1s in this game and the senior totaled 25 points in a slower game.  Page scored his 25 on 7 of 17 shooting and 9 of 12 foul shooting.

Dain Dainja of Park Center. The sophomore center had a memorable game coming off the bench and scoring 23 points on 11 of 16 shooting.  At a very, very long 6-foot-8 Dainja made post buckets from every angle on the floor.  Dainja was battling with a future scholarship offensive lineman who is about 270 and Dainja’s ability to spin over each shoulder to finish put numbers on the board.  Dainja used just about every post move one can think of and he softly touched in shots from several spots on the floor.  It was a memorable performance that Drake, North Dakota State, and Iowa State saw.

Blake Remme of Spring Lake Park.  I’m on the verge of saying a comparison for Remme but the sophomore likely needs a few more big games before that comparison can be made.  Let’s just say this, Blake is a confident, tough, and constant attacker who scores over contesting defenders consistently.  Blake went at good Park Center defenders and posted 25 points on 10 of 17 shooting.  He scored all his baskets attacking off the bounce or going at the rim to catch and score.  Blake has a nice touch and a scorer’s mentality.  This young man is on the verge….

Tommy Chatman Jr of Park Center. Chatman had a fantastic second half for Park Center going at the rim using a smooth attack and finishing softly.  The pretty assist for the Dainja dunk and the four second half attacks were memorable but I think the best part of his play was his recognition of what the defense was doing.  Chatman doesn’t just attack in pretty ways, he knows when and where to attack to get his offense.

Emmanuel Tamba of Park Center.  Tamba is improved in a big way since I last saw him play.  Three times in the second half Tamba turned Spring Lake Park over and went the other way to score.  Those were the game changing scores that built a second half double figure lead. Tamba is a much better ball handler than he was in the past and he put up 13 points in a big game.

Five More

Blake Myren/Daydoor Phillips of Spring Lake Park.  These are more Spring Lake Park sophomores that are quite talented.  The Panthers have a chance to be very good and the sophomore class is leading the way.

DJ Purnell of Park Center. Purnell used his strength and agility in a 6-foot-4 body to gather a double-double and have a steal into a dunk that really felt like the final score that put the agme away.  Playing his role very well.

Alex John of Champin Park.  Alex had 11 points and 10 rebounds in a big game.  Alex has a great frame and his timing looks much better.  Alex is a junior at CP.

Richard Mulbah of Osseo.  Loved what Richard did defensively and he collected eight boards.  Made tough guy plays that helped Osseo win.

Bennett Otto of Champlin Park.  Otto only had 13 but that was on 5 of 7 shots.  Opened the game scoring which showed what he has the potential to do.