SEBA Spring Showcase: Top 2018 Performers (Part 2)


Posted On: 03/21/18 5:23 PM

Here is the 2nd portion of 2018 standouts from the SEBA Spring Showcase. These guys were extremely productive on Saturday, impressing the whole day and leaving with buzz around their names.

Elijah Austell (Stockbridge)- I don’t think anyone played harder than Austell on Saturday. Every time you looked up, he was around the ball and leaving his imprint on the game. His length, athleticism, and strength overwhelmed opponents throughout the day. Austell’s activity never stops on either end; this created opportunities for him time and time again. He is one of those guys who will develop nicely in college because of he already has an excellent motor and physical tools.


Jahwan Smith (Kell)- Being one of the smallest players at camp did not stop Smith from being one of the most effective. He is lightning-quick with the ball, penetrating to create for himself and others consistently. Smith understands when it is best to pull-up, but can also go in and finish with bigger defenders in his area. His ability to make things happen off the dribble is always valued.

Jahwan Smith


Eli Lawrence (Tri-Cities)- Lawrence’s smooth, lefty game caught the attention of many at camp. At 6’5”, he shot over smaller guards with no issue and was able to get anywhere he wanted on the court. Lawrence can score on all 3 levels, has nice touch, and uses his length well. He is able to play all 3 perimeter positions and causes mismatches all over. Things just come easy to Lawrence; his combination of skills will definitely attract coaches.


Michael Zabetakis (West Forsyth)- Having seen Zabetakis play numerous times throughout the year, I knew what to expect on Saturday and he did not disappoint. He was involved in the action in some way almost every possession, making pesky plays and energizing his team. Zabetakis also impressed coaches with his athleticism and ability to play either guard spot. It has taken some time, but he is starting to become a hot prospect.

Nayari Dampier


Nayari Dampier (North Cobb)- Another solid PG, Dampier was a steady performer at camp. He had one of the more poised, mature games that I saw during the day. Dampier is always in control and probes until something opens up without turning it over. He made smart, quick decisions and showed a well-rounded offensive game also. Dampier makes sure things run smoothly and that’s what you like to see from a lead guard.