SEBA Spring Showcase: Top 2018 Performers (Part 1)


Posted On: 03/20/18 4:01 PM

The 13th Annual SEBA Spring Showcase this past Saturday was one of the last chances for 2018 prospects to prove themselves. Over 200 players attended and many had nice showings, but a select few rose to the top. Here is the first set of 5 who stood out at Oglethorpe.

Bryce Brown (Archer)- From start to finish, Brown was clearly one of the top prospects at camp. At 6’7”, the versatility he has is hard to find this late in the game. Brown uses his big body inside, but also hits outside shots consistently and can slash from the wing. He also displayed an excellent motor throughout the camp and was very vocal. Brown has been gaining a lot of momentum lately and does not look to be slowing down.



Savvon Delgado (Kell)- Delgado found his rhythm early in the afternoon at camp and could not be stopped once he got going. He wowed coaches with some extremely tough outside shots and showed a full scoring arsenal. Delgado has a nice in-between game with floaters and also distributed well once he drew a lot of attention from the defense. He is a threat every time he has the ball in his hands.


Michael McClendon (South Cobb)- If you were looking for a grown man on Saturday, McClendon was your guy. The 6’4” forward has great strength and powerful leaping ability that he used time and time again. He is a good rebounder, defends multiple positions, and finishes through contact with ease. McClendon plays with the toughness that college coaches love.


Jackson Baylark (Pope)- An energetic approach at these type of camps always pays off, and that’s what Baylark used to make his mark. He was all over the court every possession and made sure his presence was felt. One of the best athletes in attendance, Baylark made high-flying plays on both ends. He also showed improved shooting and ball-handling ability, which should help his recruitment a lot.



Sayvon Traylor (Rockdale)- Traylor is such a unique prospect and he gave opponents fits on Saturday. For a perimeter player, he has a massive body and uses it well. If he gets you on his hip it is pretty much over, he gets separation easily and has a soft touch around the basket. He is also very smooth with the ball; he is never in a rush and has an effective pull-up jumper. Traylor is simply one of the best scorers around.