Recruiting Report: Marcus Shepley (2019)


Posted On: 03/31/18 7:07 PM

Six-foot-3 agile wing Marcus Shepley of Burnsville is a top 50 area junior in Minnesota and a guy you should see play this 17u season with a new program.

Burnsville had a solid team of players but did not have the chemistry to win the amount of games they were hoping to.

“This winter season didn’t go as planned record wise but we saw lots of player development on and off the court this year that should set us up for a very good season next year,” Shepley said.

Marcus gave the Blaze 14-15 points per game as one of the team’s regular scoring threats.

“I’m continuing to improve my game in all aspects but the two things I have focused on this past year is shooting and helping my team win.  My confidence as a shooter increased a lot this past year and I feel like that sort of paves the road for my shooting ability which I’m excited to see fall into place.

Since starting as a freshman I have took on that role of doing whatever I’m needed to do for that certain game to help us win.  It’s cool to see how that’s changed over the years but I’m still trying to work on my passing and helping make everyone around me better too.”

Shepley has scored 734 points in his three year career (that’s assuming that the Hub scoring totals have all the games Marcus has played) so he will go over 1,000 career points likely next January sometime.  Shepley hopes to a have a memorable senior year and he will work on that with a new AAU team this spring and summer.

“This summer I’m playing with Mentality Minnesota,” Marcus said.  “It’s a new team but I think everyone is pretty excited to start playing.  It’s a good group of humble guys and our coach knows what he’s talking about as he’s also a trainer which was a big reason why I decided to play for him.”

Shepley is also starting to think about playing at the next level for college basketball.

“Some schools here and there have talked to me but I’m keeping my options very open because I feel like I have only just started to become that player I’ve always strive to be and am excited to see what opportunities god has in store for me this summer.”