Recruiting Report: Eric Overgaard (2018)

High School

Posted On: 03/16/18 1:55 PM

A 6-foot-2 guard from Life Christian, Eric Overgaard has been largely overlooked, and is still very much available.

Puget Sound has been the only school to reach out to him up to this point, and he says he’ll do his best this spring to try and get his name out there more.

“It’s still been slow, not too much activity with recruitment. I’m hoping that picks up this offseason. I’m going to talk to my coaches and try and get my name out there more,” said Overgaard.

“I plan to go to some showcases, I’m not eligible for another AAU season. But I’ll be at some showcases to try and get my name out there.”

Overgaard says playing at a small school, it’s tough to get as much exposure as some of his large-school peers.

“I feel like playing at a smaller school has a lot to do with me being under the radar,” he said. “But it just makes me want to work harder to try and get my name out there.”

His senior season with the Eagles was a good one, and he improved his offensive versatility in the process.

“Mostly, I’ve been trying to work on my body and my strength. I have relied on my shot a lot in the past, so I wanted to make sure I had more than one skill,” said Overgaard. “So, I’ve been working on my attacking and getting better shots up.”

Overgaard says he averaged 12 points and three assists per game this season, and learned to lead, too.

“My role this year was to lead the team and be more of a captain,” he said. “I felt my role was to knock-down open shots and attack and shoot the ball well.”